Katha Ankhahee 14th September 2023 Episode 204

Episode 204

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Viaan was driving when he was asked to stop the car. A man questioned what Viaan could offer them, and Viaan mentioned he could give them 1 lac (100,000 rupees). The other man was skeptical. Viaan stopped the car and convinced them to step out and resolve the matter privately, so it wouldn’t cause trouble at home. Viaan got out of the car with the two men.

Meanwhile, Ehsan understood that Viaan was burdened by guilt, which had changed him. He worried about Maya discovering something. Ehsan tried calling the accountants, but his calls went unanswered.

Maya called the accountant and ordered him to bring past years’ ledger documents, including Viaan’s. Teeji took over the call and asked the accountant to bring the documents personally without informing anyone.

Ehsan also called the accountant, but someone else answered and informed him that Mr. Mehta had left after receiving a call from Maya. Ehsan rushed to stop the accountant, leading to a car accident.

The men in the car with Viaan questioned whether he really had that much cash. Viaan didn’t, as he was about to transfer it online. Viaan texted Katha to activate the child lock on the back doors. He also noted down their phone numbers and sent them one rupee to confirm their account details, realizing that these men were thieves. Viaan insisted on staying in the car because of mosquitoes outside.

The men sat down, and Katha got out of the car. Viaan and Katha ran away. The car doors were child-locked, which delayed the thieves and gave Katha and Viaan time to escape.

Teeji and Maya met the accountant, who was injured. Teeji asked about his injury, and he recalled the accident with Ehsan. Maya inquired if Viaan had transferred 1 crore from the company’s account, but the accountant denied it. Maya checked the documents herself. In another car, Ehsan asked the accountant to explain why Maya had summoned him. The accountant hesitated at first but eventually revealed that she had asked for previous ledgers and Viaan’s account statement. Ehsan took the documents and removed the page containing information about Viaan’s transaction. He warned the accountant not to tell anyone about it, even threatening him to keep quiet.

Maya couldn’t find any information about the withdrawn money in the folder and dismissed the accountant. She wondered how Katha had acquired the money if Viaan hadn’t helped her and where she was going wrong.

Maya’s visitor, Neerja (possibly not a real aunt but Katha’s mother), had some responsibilities and answered Maya’s questions honestly. Maya appreciated Neerja for being direct but cautioned her not to share anything with Katha. Maya emphasized the importance of starting new relationships without misunderstandings.

Maya wanted Teeji to remember any small details about Viaan and Katha but found nothing suspicious. She also learned that Katha was the head of a committee and asked who else was on that committee.

Viaan and Katha managed to escape the thieves by hiding and distracting them. They reached a holy shrine, where they performed rituals and prayers together, growing closer.

In the upcoming episode, Liza sends Ehsan a picture of Maya, Teeji, and an office colleague, leading Ehsan to wonder about Maya’s intentions. Viaan informs Maya that their car broke down, and they will have to stay in a hotel for the night, providing Maya with an opportunity to continue her investigation. Teeji expresses surprise at Viaan offering a girl for something undisclosed.

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