Katha Ankhahee 13th September 2023 Episode 203

Episode 203

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Katha Ankhahee 13th September 2023 Episode 203 Katha & Viyan Love Story Full Video Episode, Written Update Only on bollyserials.com

Viaan tells Katha to talk to the air, as it will take her up to the sky. Katha closes her eyes and makes a wish for Viaan to find happiness, not sadness. She prays to the creatures of the sky for blessings. Viaan brings a flying lantern, and they say “Ameen” for her wishes before releasing it into the sky.

Ehsan dances with Liza, and Vanya asks him to practice dancing with her seriously. Teeji and Maya enter the room, and Maya sends Teeji to her room. Ehsan greets Maya and talks about how the male side will win. Maya asks him about her skit, and Ehsan explains that he didn’t help her because he couldn’t find a story of a single mother’s victory. He also wonders why Viaan couldn’t help Katha, the CEO of the company. Maya refuses to believe it and asks Ehsan if Viaan changed after meeting Katha. She mentions that banks don’t give loans easily, and Katha had nothing to offer in return. Ehsan wonders if Maya is asking all these questions for the skit or if there’s another reason behind it. He makes an excuse and leaves.

Katha guides Viaan on their trip, and they come across two different paths. Viaan is willing to follow any path she chooses and mentions how much he loves the journey Aarav sent them on.

Ehsan wonders why Maya has been asking him about the 1 crore rupees Katha arranged. He reviews the accounts and connects the dots between his conversation with Katha and Aarav regarding the money. Ehsan becomes puzzled as he figures out what Viaan might have asked from Katha in return for the 1 crore. He calls Viaan, but there is a disruption in the call. Despite the interruption, Ehsan asks if Viaan withdrew 1 crore from the company’s account. Viaan questions the sudden inquiry, and Katha loses signal, informing Viaan that they took the wrong path. Viaan panics as he doesn’t know where they are. Katha reassures him and suggests they find another way. Viaan wants assurance that they will stay together, and Katha tells him to pull over and talk to her. Viaan reveals that Ehsan asked about the 1 crore he withdrew from the company’s account. Katha falls silent, and Viaan speculates about an audit or some sort of check and balance. He admits to taking the money for personal reasons but promises not to let it come between them. Viaan reassures Katha and says they should focus on their togetherness, leaving fear and guilt behind. They hug each other, but a police officer approaches and signals them to step out of the car. Viaan asks Katha to stay in the car.

Maya knows that Viaan was the last person Katha met, and since Ehsan couldn’t provide much information, they have only one option left. Teeji and Maya decide to speak to the accounts officer to find out if Viaan withdrew 1 crore or not.

The men question Viaan for engaging in illegitimate activities, and Katha is asked to step out of the car as well. One of the men tries to approach Katha, and Viaan insists on bringing a female constable. The men taunt them for using a secluded area for their personal wishes and argue with them. Viaan and Katha are accompanied to the police station in the car. Katha is asked to sit in the back with one of the men, and Viaan notices the man getting too close to her. He turns up the music to distract everyone. The men ask Viaan about his work, and he explains that he is an architect who designs buildings for the government. Viaan suggests resolving the situation with money, but Katha disagrees and prefers going to the police station instead. Viaan requests her to let him handle it.

In the next episode, Viaan and Katha reach a holy shrine to pray. Maya calls the accounts office and arranges a meeting with the details from the previous year. Ehsan tries to contact the accounts officer but learns that the officer has already gone to meet Maya. Neerja questions Maya for not asking straightforward questions.

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