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Everyone applauds Viaan’s singing, and he also reads them a poem. He is well-liked by his cellmates and the police officer.
Falguni tells Katha that he would cure everything, while Katha glances at Viaan’s photo and agrees with Falguni that his presence will help her.

The cop would miss Viaan here.

Katha is doing her best to comprehend the youngsters, but they refuse to speak. Children experience a great deal of anxiety, despair, and mental stress. They are physically and emotionally sensitive, require regular attention, and a poor firm can damage them. Falguni agrees that dealing with a destroyed child is difficult. Flaguni inquires about her return date and whether or not her mother and aunt had accepted. Katha informs the mother that she would return in two days, while the aunt has left. Katha looks at the glass artwork she and Viaan created and remembers a poem and Viaan’s recollections. Katha brushes away his tears and makes the decision to call.
Viaan receives a phone call in his cell. Katha informs him that Aarav requires him and that she is unable to handle him alone. Viaan says they’ll be together in two days.

Katha asks Aarav about his favorite color of cat at night, and he says purple. Aarav was uninterested, so he went to the fridge and got himself a Pepsi. Katha desires hot chocolate with marshmallows. Aarav takes a seat without opening the can. Katha prepares hot chocolate while telling Aarav that some of his classmates are gamers as well, and their favorite game is dragon stance. She gives him hot cocoa and informs him that one of the children, like Aarav, plays castle run and that he should come to her class as well. When Aarav asks when he will return, Katha responds that he will return in two days. Aarav walks away. Ehsan calls Katha to inquire about her health and to inform her that Viaan will be available in two days. Katha stood behind Viaan as he left for prison. They are in a dark period again, he failed as a father to save Aarav, he wonders what Aarav and Katha were, he blames his fate, Viaan will battle everything, Katha must wait for him. Ehsan hugs Viaan, Teeji sobs as Vanya calms her, and Viaan departs. Ehsan tells Katha to wait because Viaan will come back and mend everything. Katha requested Ehsan to inform him when he returns that she will not be coming to the office starting tomorrow since she needed a break and some alone time. Katha was relieved to learn of Viaan’s bail.

Ehsan complains to Teeji about how she ruined everything. Teeji inquires, and Ehsan responds that she should be relieved that Viaan has returned. He feeds her food, and her joy should be visible on her face. Teeji had a dreadful eight months; she didn’t touch anything in Aarav’s room and had to buy fresh things for him. Teeji would not let them go this time, and he wonders what Viaan would have done with these eight months. Ehsan promises Aarav that the news will make him forget his pain.

Katha examines Viaan’s photos and possessions. She tried, but she couldn’t fall asleep. Viaan was having trouble sleeping. He glances at a star and tells it that Katha’s memories are keeping him awake because they have too much to think about. Katha wonders what Viaan is thinking. Viaan has only considered the day he will meet Katha. Katha is curious as to how they might meet. Viaan promises the star that they will meet soon and be together forever, and he urges her to rest because she must be fatigued. Viaan will arrive soon. They walked away smiling.

Katha was in her yoga class the next morning when she noticed a mother and daughter bickering over a headphone set. The mother asks her to hand it over, but she refuses. Katha approaches them, and the child requests that Katha force her mother to leave. Katha finishes the session, questions the mother, who says it’s become impossible for her to talk to her daughter, and becomes annoyed and angry.

When Katha approaches the child, she refuses to hand over her headphones. Katha will not dare to take them; the child appears to be a music lover, and it is immoral to deny someone of their passion; music is also necessary for yoga. Katha cannot take music away from a music lover, but she believes that silence is also vital. Katha asks the child why she never has silence, and the child tells her what occurred. Katha departs to use her headphones.

PRECAP: Katha gets a call and rushes back home to discover Aarav spraying a wall forcefully. Falguni concerns Katha’s hastiness in making her engagement decision. Katha requires it for a new beginning. Viaan has been released from jail.