Katha Ankhahee 12th September 2023 Episode 202

Episode 202

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Katha Ankhahee 12th September 2023 Episode 202 Katha & Viyan Love Story Full Video Episode, Written Update Only on bollyserials.com

Viaan asks Katha if something is bothering her or if she’s feeling upset. Katha explains that she sometimes has mood swings and shares her fears of things getting better and then worse again. She’s had a difficult past with people she loved leaving her, including her parents and husband. Viaan assures her that he is here for their future.

During a lunch break, Viaan checks the map, and Katha hands him a sandwich, urging him to continue. Viaan playfully asks her to feed him quickly. He then suddenly shouts loudly that he loves Katha and only her, wanting everyone to know about it, including the sky, ocean, and trees. Katha laughs, and Viaan says his voice probably reached some stray dogs and birds. Katha sends a text message to someone, piquing Viaan’s curiosity, but she refuses to show him the message.

Maya and Teeji visit the Garewal mansion, where Maya praises Aarav for his courage in battling cancer. Mr. Garewal considers Aarav a fighter. Maya learns that the Garewals tried to offer financial help to Katha before Aarav’s operation, but she didn’t respond. Mr. Garewal tried to contact her multiple times but received no response. Maya wonders how Katha arranged the money and offers to help if Katha took a loan. However, Mr. Garewal mentions that Katha never allowed them to help her. Maya realizes that Katha is burdened by guilt and wonders if someone knows the whole truth.

Viaan becomes jealous of a watch and promises Katha they will reach their destination on time. Katha asks him to wait for a moment. Within five seconds, Katha receives a call and asks Viaan to pull over. She arranges a live radio call for Viaan to express his love. Viaan confesses his love for Katha on the radio, and they dance to a song dedicated to them.

Maya visits Neerja in Katha’s old apartment and praises the ambiance. She seeks advice on what gift to give Katha, as she believes Katha would refuse a diamond necklace. Neerja suggests giving Katha lots of love and shares a story of how Katha used to get mad at Viaan. Maya appreciates Katha’s effort in arranging 1 crore for Aarav’s treatment. Neerja has to leave for an urgent matter but invites Maya and Teeji for a future visit. Maya wonders why Katha used to stay mad at Viaan.

Viaan and Katha enjoy a beautiful view, and Viaan encourages Katha to make a wish. Katha believes her wish has already come true as it stands before her in a pink dress. Viaan understands that she’s left her wish for the wind, just like she left it for the sky.

In the next episode, Maya tells Ehsan that Viaan withdrew 1 crore from the company’s account to help Katha. Ehsan calls Viaan to inquire about it, and Viaan panics, telling Katha about the situation.

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