Katha Ankhahee 12th October 2023 | Episode 224

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Katha goes to Falguni’s place to drop off Aarav while he’s still sleeping. She leaves a note and declines Falguni’s invitation to stay for breakfast, as she needs to get to the yoga center. She promises to be back for lunch and asks Falguni to make sure Aarav gets to school on time.

At the yoga class, Katha finds the children tired and reluctant to participate. She tries to uplift their spirits by letting them choose their yoga mats. One boy’s mother shares that her son has been acting aggressively. Katha assures her that yoga can help redirect their energy in a positive way.

Katha starts the class, but the children find yoga boring and prefer video games. Katha motivates them by explaining how yoga can improve their focus and help them excel in video games. The kids are surprised to learn that Katha plays video games too. She plays music, and the children follow her yoga poses with enthusiasm. After the session, Katha talks to them about video gaming. Each child shares their reasons for enjoying games, such as winning, being the center of attention, or using superpowers. One boy mentions playing games when he’s angry to feel in control. Katha wants to understand their generation better.

In the car, Katha listens to a video explaining that children aren’t so different from adults. They express their feelings but build emotional walls to protect themselves from emotional pain.

Katha arrives at work, and her colleagues are impatient. They inform her that things are chaotic, vendors aren’t responding. Katha advises them to stay calm and work on finding solutions. One colleague praises Katha’s skills but complains about the lack of resources. They have only six hours before an event. Katha talks to the client and suggests creating a new decoration piece. The client initially protests but agrees when Katha assures him that her team can handle it. He admires Katha’s composure and wonders how she stays so calm. Katha reflects on her past argument with Viaan and shares that maintaining a calm state of mind helps handle external chaos. She works with her team, painting glass pieces and reminiscing about her time with Viaan. The client approves the final result and asks Katha to sign at the bottom.

When Katha returns home, she finds Aarav playing video games and learns about an incident involving a friend’s broken bicycle. Aarav is upset about the friend lying, and he’s determined to punish anyone who lies.

Katha talks with Falguni, who reassures her that Aarav is making progress and advises her not to give up. Katha is concerned about Aarav’s internal struggles, as he’s angry at everyone for betraying him.

Katha later sees a magazine with Viaan’s face on it and Viaan in prison, reminiscing about his past with Katha.

In the next episode preview, Viaan can’t sleep as he’s haunted by memories of Katha, and Aarav asks when Viaan will return. Katha talks to Viaan, expressing her need for his help in handling Aarav, and Viaan promises to return in two days.