Katha Ankhahee 11th September 2023 Episode 201

Episode 201

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Katha Ankhahee 11th September 2023 Episode 201 Katha & Viyan Love Story Full Video Episode, Written Update Only on bollyserials.com

Katha approaches Maya and discusses enacting her and Viaan’s love story. Maya agrees to participate and play the roles of the bride and groom, and she’s glad that Teeji is also joining. Maya is inspired by Katha and Viaan’s love story and wants to know all the details. Katha shares that initially, Viaan didn’t like her, and she found him arrogant and egotistic, even enough to consider resigning. Maya is surprised by their rocky start but praises Katha for managing everything alone when she needed money for Aarav’s treatment. Maya hopes that Katha is proud of her achievements.

Maya then goes to Viaan and encourages his employees not to miss the wedding amid their work. She also hints at a surprise plan for the sangeet ceremony. Katha takes a moment to catch her breath and have some water.

Maya asks Viaan when he first realized he loved Katha. Viaan explains that it wasn’t love at first sight, but he always had a vibe about her. He recalls the ups and downs they went through before getting closer. Maya questions him about Katha’s struggle to arrange money for Aarav’s treatment and whether Katha came to him for help. Viaan says he didn’t help due to company policy and considered it personal. He then leaves to take Aarav shopping.

Viaan invites Katha to join him for shopping with Aarav.

Maya informs Teeji that Katha was in shock, and Viaan didn’t answer her questions. Teeji suspects Katha is hiding something, even from Viaan, and wonders how they will uncover the truth. Maya talks to Rewa and learns about the hospital where Aarav was treated. She plans to get more details.

Viaan and Katha help Aarav get dressed, and they pick an outfit for him. Aarav sends kisses through the phone, and Katha asks him to show it to her. Aarav shares a picture of the temple where he prayed for Katha and Viaan and suggests they visit to thank the holy shrine. Viaan and Katha agree to go and pray for their future as well.

Maya visits the hospital dean and offers to treat the entire staff to lunch. She asks for details about a patient, Aarav Singh or Garewal, and wants to return the money spent on his treatment. The dean initially refuses due to policy but agrees to consider it. Maya donates to the cancer ward and reminds the dean of his connection to the Raghuvanshi family.

Teeji admires Aarav’s attire, and Viaan, Katha, and Aarav mention their plan to visit a temple. Teeji questions the timing since they need to prepare for the sangeet the next day. Aarav initially refuses to go due to work, but Maya convinces Teeji to let them go. Maya has her own reasons, and she shares some news with Teeji. She mentions that Katha had just become a permanent employee in the office when she received a notice to arrange money for Aarav’s operation within a month. The nurse agreed to help Maya in exchange for getting her son admitted to a good school. Maya reveals that Katha submitted 1 crore 2 lakh and 17 thousand in cash around 5 in the morning, suggesting that she got the money overnight. Maya and Teeji suspect that Katha may have committed fraud.

During their road trip, Katha looks at the map and worries about fulfilling their commitment to return home before evening. Viaan takes her phone and encourages her to enjoy the peaceful moments before returning to the chaos of wedding preparations.

In the next episode, Katha and Viaan dance by the roadside, and Maya questions Ehsan about Viaan lending money to Katha. Ehsan calls Viaan to inquire about taking money from the company’s account to give to Katha.

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