Katha Ankhahee 10th October 2023 | Episode 222

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Viaan stops Katha and wants her to listen to him, just as he listened to her recently. He loves her deeply and can’t imagine his life without her. He’s finally found happiness and is determined not to let it go. The idea of separation is unbearable to him, and he believes that only death could come between them. He understands that Katha is under pressure, but he’s ready to face any challenge alongside her. Katha recalls Aarav’s reaction to a made-up story and refuses Viaan’s request.

Meanwhile, there is tension between Mr. Garewal and Viaan. Mr. Garewal is upset and believes that Viaan is in the wrong. He questions why Katha is marrying Viaan under pressure.

Viaan suspects that Maya is behind everything and plans to talk to Yuvraj. Teeji is also aware of the situation and is willing to help resolve it. Viaan embraces Katha, promising to handle the situation and not let her go this time.

Reet shows Mr. Garewal and Kavita a video that serves as evidence of a crime. Mr. Garewal remembers how Katha begged him for money to help Aarav. He feels guilty for not supporting her and blames himself for the situation. Mr. Garewal is furious with Viaan for breaking his trust.

Viaan acknowledges his mistake and acknowledges that Katha did everything for her son. He knows how much he suffered from guilt and how he changed for the better. Viaan wants to change the past but realizes he can’t. Mr. Garewal questions Viaan’s worthiness as a son. Katha, however, expresses her support for Viaan, mentioning that he didn’t know everything about her at the time. She suggests that sometimes, even good people make mistakes under difficult circumstances.

Teeji intervenes, understanding the pain both Katha and Viaan have gone through. She believes Viaan deserves a chance. However, Mr. Garewal opposes her, and Teeji pleads with him to give Viaan another opportunity. Katha tries to stop the discussion, but Teeji emphasizes that Viaan and Katha’s love is strong and shouldn’t be broken because of Maya’s actions. Katha urges everyone to avoid discussing this matter, but Yuvraj wants Teeji to take his son away to spare his parents further trauma.

Ehsan speaks in Viaan’s favor, acknowledging his past flaws but highlighting how he changed for Katha. He suggests that they should trust Katha’s wisdom, as she forgave Viaan for her own reasons. Regardless of everything, Viaan saved Aarav, and Katha saved Viaan. Yuvraj interrupts Ehsan’s speech.

In the preview for the next episode, Aarav questions someone named Robin for hurting his mother and then faints. Mr. Garewal wants justice for Katha and points his gun at Viaan.