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Viren begins the episode by requesting Jai to drive him home. Jai inquires as to why you interrupted the newscast. There was some pressure on Viren to say anything. Vivek is on the phone with Reyansh. Reyansh is upset with Aradhna and Jai. He claims Malini Khanna is Aradhna’s mother, and Aradhna ends the story by informing Jai, “I’m coming back.” Vivek says you went there to make her life better; talk to Jai, and I’ll do what I need to. Aradhna wonders where Reyansh and Jai are; Reyansh will be unhappy with me since he is stubborn; I should think of Malini. She inquires of Kriti about Jai and Vikram. Kriti mocks her. She claims Vikram has a fiery temper. Aradhna responds, “I’m not afraid; I’ll go see.” She runs into Reyansh.

They begin to argue. She asks, “What did you tell him?” Your name isn’t yours to spoil, and if you tell Jai anything, then… He cautions her. She claims she will not stand in your way. He inquires as to why you are holding my hand. She shoves him. He believes that every girl should be a lawyer since they are blind to their mistakes. She says, “I don’t want to hide my mistake; please tell me if it was my fault.” He asks, “What do you know about me?” and tells her to leave. He brushes her hair away from her face. He says, “Excuse me, I have to go.” She stops him and tells him, “I have stopped you; go and show me.” Come close to me, he says. She walks away.

Jai and Viren are talking. Aradhna, according to Jai, is very nice and caring. Viren confirms that she has paused the newscast for the day. Jai receives a phone call from Reyansh. Reyansh inquires as to your whereabouts. Jai claims I came to pick up Viren’s uncle. He tosses the phone down and leans to pick it up. They are involved in an accident. Reyansh exclaims, “Jai!” Kriti inquires, “Are you all right?” Reyansh responds, “I guess he hit me by accident.” Akash and Kriti are taken aback.

Malini expresses gratitude to Aradhna for handling things and preserving their respect. Maa, Malini ji, think about Kimaya, nothing will happen, don’t worry, says Aradhna. Malini receives a phone call. Aradhna requests that she take the phone call. Vivek claims to be Vikram’s father. Aradhna wonders why Vivek is phoning him. Vivek says Jai requested me to talk to you, and I’m delighted the kids selected each other. Yes, according to Malini, children should be joyful. When Malini becomes disoriented, Aradhna answers the phone. Don’t give up hope, advises Vivek; everything will be OK. Aradhna promises to call you later. She asks Malini to look after her. Reyansh, Akash, and Kriti make their way to the hospital. They overhear the doctor telling them about the man’s death. The doctor instructs them to identify the body only once. According to Akash, there could be a misunderstanding. They notice Viren. Aradhna inquires of Kimaya, “Are you all right?” Kimaya says, “I know you won’t judge me, but please understand.” Aradhna declines. Kimaya claims, “I took the test, but I don’t have the courage to check the result; if I’m pregnant, then…” Aradhna embraces her. Kimaya swears on me that you would not mention anything to Mumma. Aradhna responds, “Fine, stop crying, and relax.” Malini summons Kimaya to the basement. Kriti inquires as to your well-being. Yes, Viren replies, Jai was driving, is he okay, they’re not saying anything. He inquires about Jai with the doctor. Doctor apologizes, but he is no longer alive. Akash has been devastated. Reyansh inquires, “Doctor, this cannot happen, are you sure?” I’m sorry for your loss, says the doctor.

Malini informs us that Viren was involved in an accident and that we must go there while Kimaya remains at home. Take me along, Kimaya says. Malini says she left her phone in your bathroom and will go get it. Aradhna assures me that I shall obtain it. Reyansh weeps for Jai and tells him, “You can’t cheat me and leave like that.” Jai arrives and says, “It’s a hospital, don’t yell.” Everyone, including Reyansh, can hear him. Aradhna examines Kimaya’s test kit and suspects she is pregnant; how will she cope with this; you share Malini’s fate. Everyone rushes to meet Jai, including Akash. Akash embraces Jai. Reyansh embraces Jai. Malini will arrive shortly. Aradhna believes Malini can handle anything, but can she manage Kimaya? Kriti embraces Jai. Akash wonders why the doctor said that. About his death, the nurse stated that a man was passing by on his bike and died. Reyansh says, “I’m glad Jai is okay.” Akash says I’ll go examine the reports. Kriti claims that we thought we had lost you. Vikram overacts when Jai claims he’s OK. Reyansh says I don’t have to overact because she’s my sister in law. They both smile. Malini and the girls embrace Viren. She wonders how this happened. Viren adds, “I’m not sure, maybe because of the news, did you meet Jai?” Kriti says he’s OK and that you should all consult with a doctor. Malini claims she chatted with Neelam at her husband’s hospital. Viren claims I’m alright. He tells Kimaya to relax since he is alright. Aradhna says we’ll go buy you some coffee. Aradhna takes Kimaya and tells her that the testing will be completed. Kimaya expresses gratitude. They go to the examinations. The nurse instructs them to write down the details.

Kimaya is concerned and claims that if anyone finds out I’m pregnant, she will… Aradhna says it’s important that you write my name. Aradhna initials the form.

Precap: Aradhna compliments Jai. Kriti fills Akash’s ears in opposition to Aradhna.