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The episode begins with Reyansh pleased as he sees Aradhna. He believes we will marry today. Kriti recognizes him and smiles. Nita says, “Enough of the dancing, we’ll go inside now,” referring to the modest community hall. She requests that Bhakti do aarti for the groom. Malini replies I’ll take care of his sehra. Kriti says we should first decide on the nek. Bhakti advises we should start with aarti. Jagruti requests that Jai disclose his face. Varun says, “Jai looks uneasy; I’ll make the sehra right.” Reyansh intervenes. Pandit says don’t remove the sehra; Rahu would remain there for 40 minutes; if you see his face, it could be troublesome for him or the bride. Reyansh wonders why the pandit is changing lines; he wasn’t paid for such awful performance. We don’t want any abshagun, says Bhakti. She performs the aarti. Nita inquires as to why you wish to downgrade your standing. Aradhna’s standard, according to Reyansh, is higher than mine. She claims you intend to harm me. She notices his mehendi on his hand. She says, “This is terrible; I can’t believe you can sink so low, applying mehendi in Aradhna’s name.” Jai is invited by Akash. Aradhna enters the mandap. Reyansh accepts her hand. She thinks of Reyansh, but she can’t think of him because she’s doing this for her family. Varun and Akash request that Nita smile. Reyansh and Aradhna share garlands. Mai teri hogai….plays…

Aradhna invites Malini to join her. Nita says I should approach Akash about this. She asks Aradhna if Malini is like your mother and if she adopted you. Aradhna says I got my mother’s love from her, and I hope I get it from you as well. Sure, says Akash. Nita gives a nod. Bhakti and Malini exchange gathbandhan vows. Reyansh takes Aradhna’s hand in his.

They go through the motions. Aradhna trips. Nita inquires as to what transpired when you stumbled in the second round. Aradhna comes to a halt. Bhakti and Nita inquire as to what transpired. Aradhna adds seven rounds. Reyansh believes, “Move on, I want to see how far you can go, your heart only loves me, not Jai.” Aradhna takes off his sehra. Everyone is taken aback when they see Reyansh. Reyansh remembers speaking with Kriti. Aradhna, he claims, simply adores me. Reyansh discards his pagdi. Aradhna claims you felt it would be simple to defraud me. Nita and Akash inquire about Jai’s whereabouts. Aradhna inquires if you would deceive and marry me. Reyansh inquires whether you intend to marry Jai. She claims that I would have declined this marriage. He says, “I just wanted to see if you were going to marry Jai or not,” and he adds, “I knew it, you can’t do this marriage, you can’t marry Jai.” Nita wonders if this is a hoax and where her son is. Akash inquires of Reyansh as to the whereabouts of Jai. Aradhna wonders where Jai is and how you can sink so low. Reyansh says I’m his buddy, not a tormentor, that Jai will come, and that you can marry him if you wish. Aradhna responds, “I don’t believe you.” She dials Jai’s number. Reyansh claims Jai is with Kriti and that she will find him. Kriti arrives to meet with Jai. She brandishes a gun at him.

Jai says, “I don’t love you.” Kriti lashes out against Jai. Varun claims Jai was shot. Nita and everyone else are taken aback.