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The episode begins with Kriti departing. Nita requests that Varun deliver the haldi to the girl’s house. He flatly refuses. She tells you that you must leave. He claims Aradhna is astute and can get you out of the house. Nita claims, “I thought Reyansh would break this marriage in some way,” but Aradhna has also duped Reyansh. Varun responds, “Yes, I’ll take the haldi.” Nita agrees that he is correct; Jai has suffered greatly as a result of Aradhna. Varun will arrive shortly. Reyansh takes refuge in his automobile. Varun notices a noise and comes to a complete stop. According to Nita, I hoped that this marriage would end in some way. She smiles and dials a number. Kriti approaches her and greets her. She expresses regret that Jai selected Aradhna. Nita says that we can explain that he is making a terrible mistake, that I can just watch the drama, that you have to change his heart, that he is in his room, and that he should go. Kriti is leaving.

Varun unlocks the automobile dickey. He is asked to leave by the constable. Varun drives away. He does not notice Reyansh. Jai removes his clothing. Kriti approaches him and applies haldi to him. He drives her away. He requests that she leave. She says, “I adore you.” I love Aradhna, he says, so please leave. She says, “Fine, good luck.” She smiles as she walks away. She claims it will be enjoyable now.

Aradhna prepares for her haldi. She recalls Reyansh. Everyone uses haldi on her. Nita instructs Akash to locate Jai. She claims that I am dissatisfied with Aradhna. She receives a phone call. She inquires if the work has been completed. The man narrates a story. She believes Reyansh is smarter than I expected. The lights are turned off. Reyansh enters the haldi. He leaves. The light turns on. Aradhna wonders if Reyansh is present.

Varun claims to be himself. Aradhna believes Reyansh is capable of accomplishing anything. I have to explain to Jai that Reyansh thinks I did mehendi and haldi rasam with you. Jai says I’m dizzy. Nita wonders if they sent phony haldi. Jai responds, “No, I spent the night in the lockup, which is why I’m dizzy.” Akash requests that he sleep. Jai heads to the bathroom to take a bath. He becomes dizzy.

Reyansh is in his room, he notices. He chastises Reyansh and says, “What did you feed me?” Reyansh says, “I love my dad, Aradhna, and you a lot,” and that you’re not treating me well. Aradhna loves me, but she can’t marry you. They are at odds. I don’t see Aradhna with you, according to Reyansh.

Aradhna prepares herself. Reyansh adds, “Jai, you will understand me, you will not be hurt, sleep, and I will marry Aradhna until you wake up.” In Kriti’s words, Jai says you’re doing something wrong. Reyansh recalls Kriti poisoning Jai’s drink and pleading with him to assist her. Reyansh apologizes and says, “It’s your bedtime, Aradhna will be mine, sleep well.” He walks away.

Aradhna understands Jai’s message. She recalls Reyansh. Your baraat has arrived, according to Jagruti. Varun invites Nita to dance. Everyone is dancing. Kriti suggests that I pull the groom’s nose. She then goes to see Reyansh. She beams.

Jai argues with Kriti. She shoots him violently. Aradhna takes off the sehra and notices Reyansh.