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The episode begins with Reyansh claiming, “It was a childhood dream of mine to work with Jai, and the channel launch will be a huge success.” Jai inquires if Kriti will be attending any parties. She says we’ll party after TRP arrives. Aradhna arrives and declares, “I can’t let this happen to my sister; I have to stop Reyansh.” She requests Reyansh. Sir, according to the man, has gone for broadcast. Reyansh embraces Jai. Aradhna, according to Kriti, is threatening their friendship. Aradhna arrives, believing that time is running out. Aradhna travels to see Reyansh. He inquires as to what transpired. She claims that I told Malini the truth about our relationship. He claims you’re lying. She says you are welcome to speak with her. He forces her to wear his jacket. She claims she made a request, which I pledged to fulfill. Reyansh says, “I promise you, you don’t have to ask me anything; I’m completely yours.” She requests that the news be halted. He inquires, “What do you mean, we’re launching a news channel?” She declines. He says I can die for my love and my career, that this news channel is the foundation of Jai and my friendship, what should I tell Viren, that I’m pulling out of a story because of a female, why? She claims that someone is blackmailing Malini and Kimaya, that someone has Angad and Kimaya’s video, and that if Kimaya is defamed, then… He says I’ll take care of Kimaya. She says, “Please don’t do this, it’s a chance to make up for that mistake, Kimaya is my sister, how can you let this happen, you love me, right?” He says, “I can’t do this; you’re thinking of our love right now; you know I don’t mix professional and personal feelings; someone would blackmail before every news; should we stop giving news, and I’ll handle Kimaya.” She claims I shall crumble in Malini’s presence. He claims you’re using your love to deter me. She claims that my video was also leaked and that it wrecked my life; she claims that the same thing will happen to Kimaya; I cannot allow this to happen. He claims that I was shot in order to catch a criminal; I cannot spare this criminal; we will defend Kimaya and reveal the blackmailer; please allow me to do so. She claims you’ve always betrayed her trust. She goes outside and sobs. Malini calls and asks if she spoke with Vikram and what he said. Aradhna claims he stated that his ethics are important. Malini says no, explain to him that Kimaya is weak at the moment, and please pause the newscast.

Aradhna believes I will deter him. Vikram invites Reyansh to join them; they are all prepared. Viren arrives and apologizes for the airport fraud news. Reyansh wonders why Aradhna said that. Viren claims that something has occurred, that a business has been established in my name, and that the news should be changed. Reyansh claims that it is his show and his news. Jai advises doing what Vikram suggests and playing the tape. Vikram reads the newspaper.

They all applaud. The news clip is altered. Reyansh and Jai are taken aback. Reyansh inquires of Vikram, “What did you do?” Vikram remains silent. Jai claims that I have manipulated the news. Reyansh inquires whether Aradhna came to you. Jai affirms. He recalls Aradhna pleading for assistance. He inquires about Kimaya, who is in serious trouble. According to Reyansh, you made the decision without consulting me, and nothing is more important than work ethics. Jai says it’s important for me because I can’t let Kimaya lose her respect; you didn’t realize what’s important for Kimaya because it’s your responsibility to keep her respect; I’m not sorry; you should stand by her if you truly love her. Reyansh claims that we will adjust the news every day because we are afraid of the blackmailer; is this your struggle for truth? You don’t understand your love, according to Jai. Reyansh claims I told her I’d find the blackmailer. Jai says, “Catch him now.” Reyansh responds, “Fine, I’m out of it.” Jai says no, you have your love and a friend here, and I will not abandon you. Kriti observes and smiles. Reyansh becomes enraged and tosses the chair. Vikram tells him to relax. Reyansh declares, “I will beat you right now.” Vikram questions why you become furious at your pals. Try to understand, he adds, you are not the boss. Aradhna, according to Reyansh, went to Jai and halted the news. Vikram inquires about the situation. Reyansh wonders why Aradhna went to Jai. He claims Jai turned against him today. You are correct, according to Akash, and I am also shocked. Reyansh claims he became emotional; I will speak with Jai. He leaves. Kriti wonders why everyone is going crazy, and why did Jai base his decision on Aradhna’s word, despite the fact that she is a fantastic journalist. Their fight, according to Akash, isn’t cool. She says she’ll speak with Jai. He thinks you’re reasonable. He leaves.

Aradhna and Reyansh disagree. Jai and Viren get involved in an accident.