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The episode begins with Jai declaring, “I know you don’t love me, and I accept that. You’re not marrying here, but proving to Reyansh that this marriage is just a fight of your passion.” She claims that I made the decision based on my wish. He continues, “I know, if this marriage happens, it’s just a reaction to Reyansh’s insanity, you’re not forgetting your past, do you agree?”

Reyansh sobs as he walks down the street. Aradhna and Jai are back in jail. O saajna…plays… The man inquires as to why Jai refused. Jai says to forget about it. Aradhna converses with her cellmate. She claims that I am marrying him for the sake of friendship, that he loves me a lot, that he knows I can never love him, that I broke his heart, and that he has always supported me. Jai believes that even if there is no love, a person can settle down after marriage. Reyansh sobs as he recalls Aradhna’s remarks.

Aradhna emerges from the police station in the morning. She notices Reyansh dozing on the bench. Reyansh, she says… He comes to. He says you conquered me, Aradhna, and I adored you. She claims you caused her a lot of anguish. He says he loves you since you saved him from the goons. She claims that you have defamed her and wounded her. He believes that wounds and anguish are signs of love. She claims she doesn’t believe it because pain can be excruciating at times. What will I do now, he adds, because I have tolerated more suffering than you. She claims that we will have to live with this agony and these old memories. He asks, “You mean you still love me?” He says, “I can see it in your eyes, you’re crying.” No, she adds, I didn’t marry Jai.

Reyansh asks, “What, you didn’t marry Jai, I’m really happy?” She claims he didn’t marry me because he understands marriage is a lifelong commitment and that marrying in anger is a terrible mistake. He says, “I’m happy,” and you’re not marrying him. She says your and my love is out of our hands, but Jai understands me; he doesn’t want to get me but to establish a life with me; he didn’t marry me yesterday because it would be wrong, but now…. She contacts a lawyer. She declares, “I want to begin a new life with Jai in the right way, so I will marry him in front of society.” Reyansh’s lawyer advises him to avoid Aradhna. Reyansh asks whether you want to avoid me. She responds, “Yes, you will remain in jail now, you have mentally harassed me, and we have CCTV footage.” She is upset with him.

According to the lawyer, Reyansh has filed a bogus lawsuit against Jai. Aradhna predicts that Jai and I will marry. Reyansh claims I did not coerce you. You can’t threaten Jai and my parents, Aradhna says, so wish us a joyful marriage and I’ll become Jai’s wife. Reyansh says you won’t be able to do it, that you won’t be able to forget me. Aradhna takes Jai’s hand and walks away. Aradhna prepares for her wedding at home. She enters with a smile. Reyansh claims you arrived late. She claims you arrived on time. He lifts her and adds, “You’re all mine.” During the rounds, her dupatta catches fire. Aradhna’s dream comes to an end. Aradhna is complimented by Malini. Kriti apologizes to Aradhna and says, “You are my sister,” adding, “I understand I lost a sister and can’t lose another, and I’m happy for you and Jai.” Aradhna accepts her apology. Malini embraces Kriti. She expresses her desire for our family to reunite. Kriti says I’ll go bring Haldi to Jai’s place. Mama ji, according to Bhakti, will go. Aradhna advises Kriti to go. Kriti praises her and embraces her.

Nita converses with someone. Kriti declares, “I adore you.” Jai claims I don’t. She shoots after threatening him. Aradhna and Reyansh marry.