Barsatein 5th October 2023 Episode 64

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The episode begins with Jai and Vikram interviewing the cast of the film Thank You for Coming. They discuss their girlfriends. Bhoomi believes you’re referring to the same female. According to Vikram, love wounds us and makes us angry; everyone deserves love; else, it is better to be single. Yes, she continues, I believe the girl you love is both lucky and unlucky. He conducts interviews with the females. Jai wishes you the best of luck with your film. The females perform a dance. Kimaya claims that dad is embarrassed because of me. Malini claims it is not your fault. Kimaya believes I made a huge mistake by falling in love with Angad. She dashes off to vomit. Malini is concerned. Reyansh is hard at work. He adds it’s now 7 p.m., so hurry up, gentlemen. Jai advises you to relax or you will have a heart attack. Reyansh inquires as to how you maintain your cool. They make jokes and laugh. Malini reflects about her past. She informs her boyfriend of her pregnancy. She claims that we will marry. She says no, this cannot happen, and I will not tolerate it. Aradhna inquires as to what transpired and why you are so concerned. Malini believes Kimaya is pregnant. Aradhna is taken aback.

Kriti arrives to meet with Jai. She smiles at Reyansh. Reyansh notices them conversing. Aradhna is overjoyed, according to Kriti, and she wants you…. Aradhna and Kimaya are both happy, and she was inquiring about you. Jai inquires as to what she inquired. I’ll deceive her into thinking I wanted to see the excitement for myself. Reyansh believes Jai is correct when he asks me to concentrate.

He goes over and asks, “What’s going on, guys?” Jai tells Reyansh to go do your task. Reyansh requests that Kriti not distract Jai. Jai says I’ll go get you some coffee. He leaves. She inquires about Aradhna’s whereabouts. Yes, says Reyansh, but what are you doing here? She says, “I came to meet Jai; you continue your story with Aradhna.” Yes, he says. I can see it in your eyes, she says. He claims it is difficult. Sorry, she says she loves you. He thanks you for your thoughtfulness and wishes you well. Aradhna, she believes, is trapping them. Malini claims Angad cheated Kimaya; I can’t bear seeing her in such pain; is this Kimaya’s punishment? Aradhna sobs and adds, “Perhaps you were alone; you had no one to cry for you; you gave birth to me and took me away; you are crying for Kimaya; you took me away from Bhakti; you must show courage to support Kimaya.” Malini requests that Aradhna not tell anyone about this. Aradhna wonders who and why can do this. Malini says, “I’m not sure,” and only you can help us. Aradhna adds, “I’ll help you, Maa, Malini ji; we have to stop this news from leaking.” Malini tells Vikram to stop spreading the news. Aradhna refuses to listen and advises him to speak with Viren. No, Malini says, you speak with Vikram. Aradhna dials Reyansh’s number. Reyansh is hard at work. He becomes agitated. Ankush refers to Jai and Vikram’s jodi. Reyansh claims that you do not become Basanti. Jai claims that we shall become tension-free. According to Reyansh, the announcement of illegal booze will shock everyone. Aradhna inquires as to how this information came to be. Malini claims that person is our adversary; I received a letter; speak with Vikram. Aradhna says she will speak with him. Reyansh and everyone talk about the con artists. Kriti says I’m going to get some coffee. Reyansh claims that I have already been shot, that I don’t care, that I am not afraid, that my father is in charge of my news station, that we will go there if things don’t work, and that I am willing to die for my love and my work ethics. Jai clenches his teeth and adds, “You can’t take my line.” They both giggle and hug. Kriti observes. Give me a hug, too, adds Vikram. They embrace. According to Reyansh, this news will alter our world. According to Jai, our world will also alter. Malini double-checks the adoption paperwork. She wonders who is attempting to destroy us. She is concerned.

Precap: Aradhna considers stopping the news. She runs into Reyansh. If he loves her, she asks him to pause the news. I can’t, says Reyansh.