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The episode begins with Jai departing with the cops. Stop, says Aradhna, Jai didn’t do anything, and that girl is lying. Jai assures me that our marriage will take place. He leaves. Reyansh beams. He invites them to join the band. Aradhna puts him on the spot. Everyone attempts to assist Jai. Nita claims that Aradhna is to blame for this. Akash says I should go speak with the MLA. Aradhna informs me that I will go to the police station. Nita becomes enraged. Aradhna informs me that Jai requires my assistance; please handle the guests and Nita aunty. She walks away. When he sees this, Reyansh smiles. Aradhna notices the gate is closed. She believes I will continue from here. She requests that Reyansh open the door. He makes fun of her. He says, “I’ll drop you off at the police station.” She threatens to break your head if you don’t open the door. He says, “Wait, I don’t know the keys.” He unlocks the door. He says I’m going to drop you. She refuses and walks away.

Varun dials Nita’s number and tells her everything. According to Akash, we must obtain bail for Jai. He chastises the inspector. Varun claims his father is threatening police officers. Stop him, says Nita. She has a disagreement with Bhakti and Malini. Varun said Jai would not be granted bail before Monday. Aradhna and Reyansh show up. Aradhna requests that Inspector leave Jai alone. Jai will not be granted bail, according to the inspector. Reyansh wonders how their marriage will go down. Jai becomes enraged at Reyansh. Inspector chastises Jai. Aradhna, according to Jai, will never forgive you. Reyansh claims I never deserved her forgiveness, but I do deserve her affection, and she simply adores me. Inspector says Jai is already married; don’t make a scene here; instead, go to court and talk. Reyansh claims to be the debate champion, while Jai claims to be my friend and love. Inspector inquires as to the nature of the love story. Aradhna disagrees. She requests that Inspector leave Jai alone. He declines. She says, “I’ll show you right now.” She destroys everything. What are you doing, Inspector? Reyansh and Jai request that she cease.

Aradhna claims that because I ruined the items, you will not lock me up with Jai. Inspector requests that they be locked up. Reyansh says she’s insane, so leave her alone. Jai inquires as to why you done this. Aradhna says, “Reyansh thinks I’ll just watch your arrest; he did this in his ego; I thought like him and did this; our wedding is tomorrow.” Reyansh becomes enraged at the inspector. Inspector orders him to leave. You can’t do it, according to Reyansh. Constables arrest him.

Akash wonders what this is. Inspector asks if you didn’t provide them values. Akash assures Jai that he will remain in jail. Aradhna responds, “Yes, our wedding is tomorrow; don’t worry, I’m with my would-be husband.” Great, says Akash, enjoy your me time. He claims that they will both be released in the morning and that you will be held accountable for this bogus lawsuit filing. Nita inquires, “What, they’re both in jail?” Aradhna refuses to eat anything. She informs me that I have a request. Constable inquires as to what is going on with these two men. Aradhna informs her of Reyansh’s whereabouts. The constable suggests that you marry that guy and put a stop to the situation. Do my work, says Aradhna.

Pandit visits Reyansh. He claims to have received a call, and that people call him from wherever these days. Aradhna, according to Reyansh, is enraged. Aradhna is given a red chunri by the constable. She claims you will have me fired if I don’t give you special authorization. The man asks Jai, “Are you getting married?” Jai inquires. The lady says you’re doing fine and that you should keep the guy under control. Constable says, “I will notify you if Pandit Ji arrives.”

Pandit claims you want to marry in prison. Aradhna claims that we are powerless, that we must teach someone a lesson, and that we were granted special permission to marry here. Reyansh blows the horn. Constables apprehend him. Aradhna and Jai are getting married. Intehaa…plays… Reyansh bangs on the door. Pandit says you have to go around the fire because it will permanently bind you two together. Jai responds, “No, pandit ji, I’m not interested in this marriage.” Aradhna turns to face him. She inquires as to what you are saying. He adds, “No, I don’t want to marry you this way,” and asks, “What are you doing, what are you trying to prove?” She claims you saw what Reyansh did, that he had you arrested. Jai says, “Our marriage,” and you have agreed that it is our marriage today. She declines. He adds you didn’t say you’d marry me, which I regret saying.

Precap: Aradhna says she wants to avoid you. Jai, Kriti says she adores you. No, Jai says, I adore Aradhna. Reyansh appears, beaming.