Barsatein 4th October 2023 Episode 63

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The episode begins with Beena remarking, “A letter has arrived for you; why don’t you give your new address?” Rajan had many secrets, perhaps you know about them; he liked to be around attractive girls; did you have any relationship with Rajan? Malini answers no, he was a buddy of mine. Beena claims he used to work as a postman for you. Malini believes something was brought here by mistake. Thanks for your large order, Beena says mistakes should not become a sin. Malini claims this did not arrive by mail; who delivered it to you? Beena responds, “I don’t know, a lot of people come here, did your old secret come out?” Malini believes it is a useless leaflet. Reyansh describes the airport freight scam. If you expose any powerful man, Viren says… According to Jai, we will get reputation. Nothing is more important than the truth, according to Reyansh, and Jai has arrived, giving me greater strength. Aradhna inquires, “Did you manage until now without courage?” Reyansh says, “I had courage, I have a friend’s support now, and you only have 16 hours left.” He claims I offered her a cover story. Jai says it’s fine. That’s intriguing, according to Viren. Aradhna, according to Reyansh, should have the bravery to reveal the truth. Malini examines the letter. She is taken aback. She wonders who this is and how he knows about my letters arriving at that café, especially if Viren and the kids are aware of it… I need to stop Viren, but I’m not sure how.

She dials Viren’s number. She considers what she will tell him, and how she will find another way. Aradhna arrives to speak with Reyansh. He is flirting with her. She claims I came to murder you. They are at odds. Kriti arrives to meet with Jai. They giggle as they recall their childhood. Jai claims that your mother assigned me the task of arranging Vikram and Kimaya’s wedding. Yes, Kriti, you do that. He inquires whether he loves her. She believes Vikram adores Kimaya. He suggests we play cupid together. Okay, replies Kriti. Aradhna says, “I don’t mind if you give me time; I’ll tell Malini when I want; leave me alone; go do your work.” According to Reyansh, you did not leave me capable of working. She pushes him and walks away. Kriti deceives Reyansh by presenting him Jai’s video. Reyansh beams. She apologizes and informs him that this is not his father’s cabin. He apologizes, “I saw something,” and adds, “Trust me, I’m really happy, Jai is my childhood buddy.” She smiles and walks away. Reyansh believes Jai has expressed his feelings for Kriti. Jai calls Vivek and tells him that Reyansh loves someone and that he should come and marry them. Vivek inquires if the girl said yes.

Jai affirms. Vivek is overjoyed. Aradhna receives an audio message from Reyansh. Aradhna returns home. She understands his message. She notices Kimaya and inquires whether everything is all right. Kimaya says that when she talks to Vikram, she feels tight and delighted. Aradhna claims he is kind to you. Kimaya is calmed down by her. Kimaya and Malini receive a message. They are taken aback when they view Kimaya and Angad’s intimate film. Kimaya sobs as she shows Aradhna the video. Malini is in danger. She sobs and asks, “Who can do this?” Reyansh and Jai plan the channel’s launch. They make fun of each other’s romantic life. Reyansh claims you told her you saw it. I didn’t believe you’d fall in love, says Jai. Reyansh claims you never saw a female before falling in love here. Jai describes herself as unique, innocent, and sweet; she possesses strength, and I admire her. Aradhna is also praised by Reyansh. Jai advises you not to loose your love. Never, according to Reyansh. Malini tells me I had to stop telling this narrative; did this message reach Kimaya? Don’t worry, Aradhna asks who supplied this video. Kimaya sobs. Malini approaches and embraces her. Kimaya apologizes. Malini claims that someone is attempting to blackmail us.

Malini says she believes Kimaya is pregnant. Reyansh and Jai are anticipating the news. Malini requests that Aradhna speak with Vikram and stop the news. Aradhna says she will speak with him. Kriti notices Jai and Reyansh fighting.