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The Episode begins with Aradhna and Reyansh singing. He does a dance with Kimaya. Everyone is dancing. The lights are turned on. Aradhna, just watch what I do, thinks Kriti. She shows Viren and Akash Jai’s love confession video. Akash claims to be my son and to be brave. Viren claims that we will now become Samdhis. But first, Kriti advises, get Kimaya married; there is a suitable person for her. Jai is in the company of Reyansh. According to Akash, you have proclaimed your love, and the girl has confirmed that she likes you. Reyansh exclaims, “Wow, you’ve convinced both her and her father.” We’ll see what happens next, according to Jai. Let’s go out for a drink, suggests Reyansh. Kriti believes Aradhna is now aware.

Reyansh and Aradhna go away. She tells him he should mind his own business. Malini is living a good life, he adds, did she look back and see you, she doesn’t care for you, she has tossed you away, just like my mother, you tell her. Aradhna asks when I’ll be able to inform her. Just tell her, he says. She claims I can’t tell her because it will ruin everyone’s lives. He responds, “Fine, I’ll tell her.” She says, “I won’t stop you this time, you leave from here, I don’t have any courage now, I’ve lost all my relationships, everyone has abandoned me, let me be.” He brings her home. He tells them not to be late because tomorrow is a great day. She inquires as to what is special. He says, “You have 21 hours left to clear the confusion, launch of new channel, puja and havan, then the matter will come into my hands.” She walks away. O sajna…plays… He believes I know you well, that you will not fight unless I push you, and that I need you to be stronger.

It’s early in the morning, and everyone has arrived at the channel launch celebration. Sunaina says it’s great that you all arrived for puja; havan mahurat is a little later. Aradhna arrives. Reyansh notices her. He overhears Kriti and Komal discussing Jai. He believes Kriti likes Jai. Komal makes a joke about Kriti. Aradhna is repairing some garlands. Kimaya gets Reyansh a cup of coffee. He answers no, I don’t like coffee with milk and sugar. Malini recognizes them and smiles. Jai arrives and observes them. He claims that this is the first time he has seen Reyansh speak to someone so nicely. Malini says, “I’m happy, and my daughter is happy.” Jai predicts a bright future for them. She claims you were also aware. Jai says yes, I’m his best buddy, he’s overjoyed, and he dropped a clue. Malini insists that you become a pandit right away. Jai replies yes, but I charge a lot of money. She chuckles. She requests that he speak with Vikram’s parents. Jai agrees that his father is a wonderful person. He believes Reyansh should give them the truth. He takes a phone call. Kriti becomes enraged and pushes the ladder. Aradhna is knocked down by her. Jai has Aradhna in his arms. She apologizes and praises you for coming back to help her. Jai assures us that everything is fine. She mocks Reyansh. Reyansh makes a joke about her.

Jai describes you as “lightweight.” He invites them to attend puja. Kriti becomes enraged and asks Aradhna, “How long will you be saved?” Virender and Akash discuss the investors. Jai claims that everyone would be amazed with us, and that you will have a long line of investors. Viren inquires as to the whereabouts of our hero. We’ll go since Jai says he’s too busy.

Malini arrives at the bakery. She places the order for the sweets. Beena says you should be proud because the bakery is thriving because to your large orders. Malini issues the command. Aradhna, according to Beena, is there to assist me. Malini claims to be your daughter. Something has come for you, according to Beena, and your letters haven’t stopped arriving. According to Reyansh, there will be an exclusive story. According to Tripathi, many people will be disappointed. Let the boys do the work, says Viren. Tripathi receives a phone call from his wife. Reyansh responds, “We know what we’re doing; take the call.” Viren encourages Vikram to keep going strong. Reyansh phones Aradhna and tells her there are 19 hours remaining. Jai notices Aradhna and approaches her. He claims that I am a good listener. Yes, she says, you are quite nice. He asks if we can discuss. She smiles and adds, “No, I just need to persuade my heart.” He says, “Do it, I’ve convinced my heart.” She expresses gratitude to him. He says, “I remember you like coffee, and you changed my life.” He leaves.

Precap: Beena inquires, “Did any old secret come out, Mimmi?” Malini double-checks the letter. Aradhna and Reyansh hold a conversation.