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The Episode starts with Aradhna saying I will appreciate my Sangeet. She is a dhol player. She dances with Bhakti and Malini. Aradhna experiences vertigo. Jai cradles her. Aradhna is asked to cease it right away. Jai allegedly saved Kriti. She claims that since Reyansh purchased this society, you will all be aware of what happens when you give it to him. He is able to purchase you all, but not me. Jai and Reyansh get into a fight. Nita observes. Reyansh is asked to leave by Bhakti. Aradhna goes with her. Varun and Kriti discuss Aradhna. She claims Aradhna is really intelligent, has a highly elaborate strategy, and has both of the males trapped. Let’s get rid of the opposition, she suggests. Jai is my brother, he claims. So what? I’m not a person to you, she says. I enjoy older women, he says. I’m not that old, what will I get in exchange, she asks. He responds, “Watch me; I’m always here to help. I just enjoy being entertained in life.” She pronounces it lovely. Bhakti expresses regret to Nita. Talks harshly with neighbors. Jai smiles at the sight of Aradhna. Plays Din Shagna Da. Varun heads to retrieve Jai’s phone. He invites Reyansh to visit him via mail. He feels regretful. Reyansh believes he wants to give me a lecture. Mom is calling you, Kriti says. I was going to tell you, Aradhna says. Okay, Kriti adds, you can handle every issue, so don’t worry. The meal is delicious, so everyone will be happy. Aradhna leaves. Varun locks Reyansh and Aradhna. He sends Kriti a message. Did you call me, Aradhna inquires. No, Reyansh says; Jai gave me a call. Don’t lie, she says; I don’t want to chat. I did that for us, he says. Don’t say that, she says. Kriti and Varun hear them fighting. Kriti claims that their conversation is dull. Varun exclaims, “I can’t wait to tell everyone.” He makes the speaker connection. Everyone may hear Aradhna and Reyansh conversing. Aradhna chastises Reyansh. They keep arguing. Jai approaches them and requests that they cease. Come on out, he says; everybody is waiting. Aradhna and Reyansh emerge. Varun claims that while the microphone was on in that room, everyone could hear what you were saying. Aradhna is concerned. Talk regarding Kadambari’s affair is shared among the guests. Jai says that whatever transpired. Reyansh says Aradhna, you’ve turned poisonous like me, enjoy the sangeet, congrats. You wanted this. O saajna..plays..

Reyansh walks away. Jai claims you didn’t have to come down to his level because he is more than just my brother and that you shouldn’t have told him about the devastation his mother’s past caused him. Aradhna sobs and acknowledges that she has both harmed and revealed a lot to him. He says, “It’s okay, it’s hurting a lot today, but he’s still my brother.” Malini tells them not to worry because Aradhna has been honest.

Malini replies, “Jai will keep you very happy. I’m very happy, Aradhna.” She says, “I miss Kimaya,” while sobbing. They give hugs. In the Sangeet, everyone dances. Jai invites Aradhna to hold his hand. Reyansh interrupts and joins Aradhna in a dance. Kriti grinned. Everyone observes.

Summary: Kriti claims that exposing the truth when it’s appropriate is enjoyable. The mehendi ceremony for Aradhna is over. When she sees Reyansh’s name in her mehendi, she becomes shocked.