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The episode begins with the stranger handing Reyansh a phone. Aradhna has a vertigo. She is asked to wash her face by the man. Aradhna visits a restroom. He grabs her phone. Facebook shuts down. Did you add much medication, Reyansh queries. No, it’s mild, the man replies. Reyansh uses Aradhna’s phone to message Jai. I’ll arrive at Sangeet on schedule. Aradhna asks, “How did this get locked?” as she opens the door. She taps on the door. She yells for assistance. She says, “I’m so stupid, how can I leave my phone outside, did Abdul lock me, where is my phone, did Reyansh send him?” You seem to be shouting a lot, adds Reyansh. How dare you, she asks, did you get me trapped in here? I’ll open the door and deal with the police if you call, he says; just pay attention to what I have to say. She yells for assistance. We all know that Jai is a good guy, so any female who dates him will be happy, but why are we repeating my parents’ mistake by loving each other more? he says, giving me a chance to speak. I haven’t had any fresh dessert, but Nita says we are going to the market. You sound as though you’ve traveled to a remote village, Jai remarks. Did you forget that today is my Sangeet? She says, “I can’t do this, but I’m happy for you.” Aradhna is a good girl, he says; she’ll make the family happy. She claims that she has shook Reyansh, that Aradhna isn’t the proper fit for you, and that Reyansh won’t leave her. He claims that although Reyansh is cute at heart, he would eventually come to comprehend it. She responds, “Leave it if you wish, and assist me in choosing clothes.” He grabs her. Reyansh says, “I never imagined that I would find love.” Aradhna sobs. You are the first girl, he claims, to have seen the genuine Reyansh Lamba. He opens up about his emotions. If you leave, he says, I shall lose myself. The drama Rondi Akhiyaan You make the decision; you are harming me, he says.

She says, “I had love before, but Kimaya’s death ended it. I don’t love you, Reyansh, and I have no sympathy for you.” We love this song, he says as he plays it. She remembers that old time. Why are you crying, he asks? She says, “Open the door; it’s not about your love, it’s about your adamancy; I’m also stubborn.” She is harmed when she bangs on the door. Opening the door, Reyansh inquires as to what transpired. He notices her hand wound. Is this a new ritual since the female wasn’t there, Nita asks Akash. Bhakti appears. Akash promises to attend. Yes, your bahu is quite intelligent, adds Nita. Bhakti promises to arrive and provide desserts. Jai requests that Jagruti perform a song. No, Nita responds; tilak will take place initially. Varun is asked to begin singing by Jai. Kriti shows up to say hello. Aradhna is looked after by Reyansh. She says, “Get out of my life and stop bothering me.” He requests that she drink water. No, water won’t assist me, she replies. She requests chocolate. She accepts Reyansh’s request for coffee and muffins. I have insulin in my luggage, she says. He requests that she eat it first. What are you doing here, Malini says. According to Kriti, she attended another sangeet and saw how it is conducted without the bride. Bhakti queries the location. Kriti says, “Check on social media, Jai. Reyansh called rich people there, and the bride went there.” She is asked to go by Jagruti.


Kriti disputes. Jai motions for her to go. Nita advises stopping it. Sorry, Jai. Could you please inform us where our bahu is? Kriti grinned. After taking the bag, Reyansh declares, “I don’t touch girl’s bag.” Aradhna asks, “I want insulin. What’s the problem to check my bag? You’ve entered my life and bedroom.” He injects her with insulin. She is fed the chocolate by him. I want to go home, please take me home, she pleads. Hey, how are you?plays…


No need to trust her, Jai argues; she is lying. Really, Nita asks, phone Aradhna and find out. When Jai contacts Aradhna, she informs her that her phone is off. Kriti invites them to accompany her. Everybody visits Reyansh’s Sangeet. Aradhna follows Reyansh there. Everyone is taken aback.


What is all this, Jai wonders. Reyansh says, “I saved her, and now she’s fine.” Jai lifts a hand and chastises him. Jai is stopped by Aradhna. Everyone is observing, she says; this is our Sangeet. She gets reprimanded by Nita. Aradhna claims that only Jai and my Sangeet will leave. She picks a dhol and says, “I will sing and dance and no one can stop me from enjoying my marriage.” She is a dhol player.



Reyansh, the man claims, has purchased society as a whole. I did this for our love, Aradhna, adds Reyansh. Aradhna chastises him.