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The episode begins with Kriti provoking Reyansh. He contacts the contractor and tells him that he needs everything done by 9 p.m. sharp. She inquires as to what you intend to do. He says I’ll host the dinner party, and Aradhna will be my wife. He walks away. Jai expresses his wish that Mom enjoys the dish. Aradhna assures her that everything will be alright. He describes my mother’s taste as polished. He assists her in the kitchen. She says I’ll do my best to please her, and I won’t allow Reyansh ruin our future. Flour gets up his nose. Aradhna and Jagruti laugh. Varun and Nita arrive. Nita claims you’re making fun of my son. Varun asks if you expected to see Jai like this. Jai claims I was simply assisting them. Nita makes fun of him for cooking. She claims that nothing is ready and that we would have arrived late. Jai stated that we would get the food. Nita claims Aradhna has an impact on Jai. Bhakti arrives and inquires as to what transpired.

Nita claims I was complimenting Aradhna’s talent. Bhakti invites you to join her for dinner. Aradhna is in charge of the food. Varun mocks the steal plates. Jagruti claims it is a silver plate. We wanted someone to respond to Varun, says Jai. Nita remarks that the food looks delicious; what did Jai prepare? Jai claims Aradhna made the salad, but I did everything else. Bhakti claims Aradhna does not know how to cook since she is too preoccupied with her education, although she does make wonderful kheer. Nita suggests we begin with kheer. Varun is asked to clean the spoon with a tissue. Bhakti thinks it’s fine; don’t take any chances. Someone bangs on the door.

Harsh is summoned by his neighbors. Aradhna claims he went out to work. According to the man, our colony was sold overnight. Aradhna inquires. The man claims that the new board has been repaired, and that they will make everyone better. Bhakti wonders how they accomplished that without our permission. Lamba, the son of a hotelier, feels it’s beneficial for us. Aradhna claims to have purchased the entire society. Nita claims that they invited us to their home and that their house was sold. Aradhna and the others go to visit. They notice the Aransh society board. The men talk about it. Reyansh claims that he purchased this community. Aradhna observes. Reyansh buys candy for everyone. He claims that no one is eating it, so I will. He consumes the sweets. He continues, Aransh, this was mine and my best friend’s dream, and it’s proof of my love, and you’ll have everything in this society. The man claims to be an angel. Reyansh can’t be trusted, says Bhakti, so how did you make this decision on your own? Reyansh claims that I told someone that I would bring her name with respect to the location where she was humiliated. She remembers his vow.

Aradhna takes him by the hand. Varun claims she is marrying someone while holding the hand of another. Nita wonders what all the fuss is about; Jai’s engagement was broken once, and Aradhna had to grasp someone else’s hand. Bhakti claims she is getting rid of him. Nita tells Jai that he can do whatever he wants. Varun follows her. According to Bhakti, Reyansh came to buy us, not the society. Aradhna and Reyansh disagree. She claims that I will marry Jai. He says marry me, but it will be a problem.

It’s morning, and Reyansh sees Aradhna’s photos and says, “Those days will return, I know you want this, you hate me, we hate those we love.” Kriti claims that if you keep talking to her picture, Jai would marry her; do anything, I despise her, I’m powerless, and I came here to aid you. He claims marriage will not happen, but I’m Reyansh Lamba, and Aradhna knows what I’m capable of.

Aradhna and Jai get to work. She says I’ll work and distract my mind. Jai says it’s difficult to forget first love; I, too, fell in love, and I’m doing this for you. Aradhna, according to Reyansh, is marrying to make me envious. Kriti claims that all I want is my Jai. Jai asks whether you have any second thoughts. Aradhna expresses gratitude for her encouragement. He says, “I’m always there for you.” He leaves. She arranges a meeting with someone.

Reyansh meets the man. Reyansh believes you know what you should do next. The individual inquires as to why you are disclosing this information to your competitor. According to Reyansh, you must give up everything for something. Aradhna wonders where that man is; if Reyansh finds out, he will defeat Jai again; Jai should not suffer further losses as a result of my actions.

The man arrives to greet her. He requests that she provide him with security. She requests that he provide specific information. He requests water. He poisons the water. He requests water from her. She takes a drink of water. Reyansh calls Kriti and tells her to get ready to sing and dance because the sangeet is today. Marriage, according to Kriti, is not going to happen. He claims that the sangeet will take place. She claims that if he begs Jai to marry Aradhna, he can go from villain to hero. Reyansh believes I should wait and watch how Aradhna gets to her sangeet. Aradhna sips her water.
Reyansh says that if you go, he would lose himself. Aradhna is returned home by Reyansh. Jai chastises him.