Barsatein 27th September 2023 Episode 58

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The episode begins with Reyansh ripping the letter and chewing the paper. He claims that the secret is currently in my tummy. Aradhna claims that I am paying the price for believing you and that I will never trust you again. She walks away. He believes I understood, that there is no love without trust, and that this is my penance. Kimaya visits Malini. Malini expresses her gratitude for the letter. She holds Kimaya and adds, “I know what you’re going through; we get scared after a heartbreak and it rejoins; life is giving you another chance; fill your heart, it won’t break.” She sobs when she sees Aradhna’s photo. She longs for her. She advises you to remain cheerful. Viren approaches her. She becomes concerned. The box collapses. She says I’ll be there. She chose the box. The photograph falls there. Reyansh will arrive shortly. He believes I deserve another opportunity. Aradhna considers how to give you another chance; you shattered my identity, and I lack the fortitude to bear a cheat. It’s early in the morning, and Viren informs them that Jai has joined their company. Malini makes a joke about her daughters falling in love. Komal claims Kimaya is in someone’s thoughts, while Kriti attempts to be romantic. Komal is kicked by Kriti. Viren is injured. Kriti apologizes. Malini inquires whether I should speak with Jai’s mother. Kriti affirms. Komal makes fun of Kriti. Kimaya beams. Malini phones Neetu and asks why she didn’t talk to Expo, Viren and Akash met after a long time, I missed you, and asks Jai if he wants to marry here. Kriti claims you rushed. Malini wonders why not.

Aradhna and Reyansh begin bickering at work. He introduces himself as your employer. Jai is my boss, she explains. Guys, Jai says to relax. He stands up for Reyansh. He interprets your statement as implying that women’s stories will be uninteresting. She claims you will back up your friend. He claims that you are implying that I am not a professional. She replies, “No, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that.” Reyansh makes a joke and says you apologized. Jai says fine, you’ll do the salon tale. Kimaya claims that Shweta ki beauty salon is well-known, and that we have been invited. Come, we will go there, it will be enjoyable, and it’s a good story that you can cover. Reyansh describes you as “so sweet,” adding, “I wish every girl was like you.” Aradhna claims that not every girl is as lovely and gentlemanly as Jai. She mocks Reyansh. Jai says, “Let’s get back to work.” Reyansh wishes Kimaya the best. He tells Aradhna to go back to work. Jai notices Kimaya’s smile. He claims he noticed how she was staring at you. Reyansh claims she was looking at me. Jai thinks she likes you. He leaves. Reyansh wonders why she gets furious if she loves him, yet she apologized today. Viren appears. He says it’s great to have you working; Jai is the major investor, so he’s the boss. Jai describes me as a team player, while Reyansh is my best friend. Viren says, “I want end profits.” Have a nice day, Viren. He requests that Aradhna meet Komal and Kriti at the salon.

Aradhna notices Reyansh and Jai conversing. She pulls Reyansh aside and chastises him. She continues, “Did I call you here, I know your truth, I will never forgive you, I have my new boss and new life here, I’m trying to clear the stain, you won’t tell anyone about me.” Okay, Reyansh, don’t you love me? I can’t, she says. She walks away.

Vikram appears and inquires as to what you are doing here. Reyansh promises that he would not tell Jai about Aradhna and me, and that we will return. Reyansh claims I can’t seem to keep away from her. Vikram wonders what if she has feelings for someone else. Reyansh claims she is solely mine, and no one can come between us.

Aradhna examines the salon. She observes the Khanna sisters and adds, “They have a lot of love between them, and I really miss Jagruti.”



Reyansh and Aradhna disagree. He says I can’t back down now. Reyansh wonders who took this photo. Kimaya claims that isn’t her. He examines the photograph.