Barsatein 26th September 2023 Episode 57

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The episode begins with Jai giggling. He continues, “I left you alone for a while, and you changed, you used to hate girls, and you fell in love.” Reyansh answers yeah, Viren has no idea I’m not Vikram, so don’t tell him. Vikram arrives and cracks jokes. Jai begs him not to get senti. Reyansh says I need to speak with you. Jai says we’ll do it; you’ll mourn for your mother, and I’ll cry with you; sorry, Ankush, you’re not invited. Fine, says Vikram. I love you, Ankush, says Reyansh.

Viren converses with his pal Khurana. Jai is praised by Khurana. According to the man, investors have concluded that Jai is the winner. Everyone applauds. Jai says we need a local partner, so Vikram Kumar has the talent, he chooses the story and adds a personal touch, I want him to work for me, I become his new partner, Vikram Kumar, I hope Viren doesn’t mind. Why not, says Viren. According to Reyansh, no one can come between me and my companion. Aradhna wishes everyone the best. Jai summons Vikram to the stage.

Jai replies I was contemplating about staying here and starting the company. Reyansh inquires whether you have fallen in love with anyone. Not yet, according to Jai, but you never know. They smile when they see Aradhna. Aradhna mulls over the letter. She disagrees with Reyansh. Kriti says we’ll have a good time. She is flirting with Jai. Aradhna mocks Reyansh.

Kriti says, “I’d like to hear about your ex.” Jai says, “I consider the future.” She says wonderful things. Aradhna claims I was traumatized by my ex. Reyansh claims that my ex never saw her mistakes and had no feelings for me. She claims she did because your poison broke her. Jai tells Aradhna that she can’t win him over. Aradhna says, “I know, we have an old relationship, professional,” and he captures everyone in his words before revealing their secrets to the public. Viren takes a drink. Malini predicts that you will become ill. He receives the letter and states, “I received this letter at home.” Aradhna notices it. He claims that one of your daughters would have composed this for you. Oh, says Malini. He says read it later and join us in celebrating. Aradhna believes Reyansh made a mistake. A lady inquires about Kimaya’s marriage cancellation. Kimaya informs me that I have a job. She walks away. Aradhna chastises Reyansh. He claims I didn’t read any of the letters. She adds I can’t trust you, you’re my problem, Viren delivered that letter to Malini, and it contains the truth about my life. Kimaya is depressed. Malini inquires about Kimaya. Aradhna claims she was talking to an aunty who appeared angry. Reyansh says I’ll go see.

Reyansh notices Kimaya and approaches her. He claims that I became bored and came here to join now; trust me, I’ve always done this; don’t penalize parents. Kimaya beams. Malini and her entourage arrive. Malini embraces Kimaya. Kimaya claims I’m fine. Jai and Aradhna arrive. Vikram, according to Kimaya, arrived to save me. Kriti expresses gratitude to Reyansh. He replies it’s no problem because she’s a wonderful girl.

Kriti promises that you will look after her. Yes, says Reyansh. Don’t worry, said Khurana, everything will be OK. Jai approaches Aradhna and asks if he can assist her. No, she replies, you can’t assist. Don’t worry, he says, you’ll have double the stress when it happens. Kriti and Komal cry and hug for Kimaya. They laugh and smile. Malini claims that my daughters have sent me a letter. Aradhna is concerned. Please read it loudly, Viren says, and I’ll see what’s written and which daughter has written it. Jai inquires whether you wrote the letter. Aradhna sobs. She claims that this is all due of you. Reyansh signs her name. Viren examines the letter. Aradhna discovers that the letter has been altered. He remembered changing the letter. Kimaya notices Reyasnh and assumes he did this for me. Viren and Malini are overjoyed. Kimaya thinks it’s very wonderful that you organized this surprise for me, Vikram. Viren embraces Kimaya. Aradhna wonders where the original letter is. Kimaya inquires whether you wrote the letter. Reyansh says, “I have put your thoughts into words, your parents are relieved, and you must remain happy.” She walks away. Aradhna inquires of Reyansh, “Did you do this to bother me?” He inquires as to what your issue is. She claims you intend to blackmail me. He hands over the letter and says, “I didn’t read it, so take it.”
Malini begs Kimaya to fall in love with her again. Aradhna claims that Jai is my boss. Reyansh inquires, “Don’t you love me?” Malini sobs when she sees Aradhna’s photo.