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The episode begins with Reyansh reprimanding Aradhna. He says I’ll marry and have two children; let’s see how my marriage goes; I’ve been following you for a long time; you claimed Khanna family is wealthy; this girl is excellent for me. He sobs. He claims that Kadambari does not love me and that you, too, are a cold-hearted woman. He mentions Kadambari and Viren. He claims to be content here, yet my father yearns for affection; I shall exact my vengeance. She asks who you’re talking about, and how you found out about your mother’s background. He claims you have a reputation for shattering people’s hearts, and my mother and that man… He is holding Aradhna. Malini notices them and thinks, “I’m not going to let Aradhna steal Kimaya’s happiness.” Aradhna and Reyansh quarrel. He says, “I love you and will always love you,” and bids farewell… Tum hi aana….plays… He walks away. They are both in tears. Viren is drinking and listening to Kadambari’s song after 3 hours. Reyansh approaches and begs, “Will you not let me drink?” Viren invites him to a drink. Reyansh says the library is nice, and we’ll listen to music there. Viren thinks I have a nice collection. Reyansh replies, “Kadambari Devi is my mother; I wish I had told you sooner; you would have told her that you are her biggest fan.” No, says Viren. Reyansh says you have her recordings, you were her fan and lover, therefore let’s listen to some songs. He sings the tune Lag jaa gale… He responds, “I don’t know why mom talks about divorce when dad always stays with her,” and asks whether you were the lover who constantly followed her. Viren becomes tense.

Reyansh describes the weird new son-in-law of the former lover. He shatters a glass. He responds, “I’ll come,” and you look sorry. He leaves. Aradhna searches for Reyansh. Vikram inquires as to what is wrong with Reyansh. She claims it was because of me. He claims to love you, but he entered into this engagement out of vengeance or hatred. She claims she understands why he did it. Reyansh is a dhol player. He claims my mother wished for me to become a famous singer, but the reality has bitten me, and this is for my mother. He sings the song Aaj hamare….. Vivek observes. Viren sings and sees Kadambari as well. Reyansh is stopped by Vivek. I’m sorry, says Kadambari. Vivek inquires as to the nature of this drama. Reyansh wonders how you maintain such a cheerful expression. He hugs Vivek and informs him that Kadambari has decided to divorce him. Vivek inquires, “Did she tell you, so you’re doing this?” Reyansh says it’s just you and me, so why did you keep this a secret? Vivek says you enjoyed Aradhna, so what are you doing today? According to Reyansh, I’m getting married. He leaves. Vivek rushes to Kadambari and tells her that this is all due of her; she told Reyansh that she had chosen to divorce him, so why did she have to tell him? She claims that whatever he did, divorce was not the motive. She believes I won’t be able to tell him about Viren. Vivek claims that I will divorce you, that my lawyer will deliver you the paperwork tomorrow, and that my house no longer has room for you. He walks away. She sobs. Aradhna observes. She believes Reyansh discharged his rage in order to damage his life, as well as Kimaya’s and ours. She tears when she sees Reyansh.

Precap: Kadambari and Vivek meet. Reyansh says, “I want to show that man what it’s like to have no life,” and Viren will mourn for his daughter. Kadambari requests that Aradhna stop Reyansh.