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The episode begins with Jai and Aradhna conversing. He says, “I’ve come to see the expo; you’re going to help family, right?” He adds, “I know everything, you’re Malini’s daughter.” She inquires as to how you know. He says, “I’ll show you, look at this picture.” He displays a photograph of Malini with her daughters. He comments, “What a sweet picture, you look beautiful like your mother, I mean, your mother is beautiful.” She claims that I will pay. He claims that I will pay. She claims that girls can also pay. She settles the bill. Jai thinks we should leave right away. They depart.

Kriti notices the boys at the expo and comments on how hot they are. Komal claims they are older than our father. Kriti says she’s fine with Anik Kapoor vibes. They are at odds. Kriti comments, “I’m not sure how that London guy looks.” Jai arrives, accompanied by Aradhna. She wonders where that chit fell. She contacts the servant and inquires about the letter. He claims we did not receive it. Jai inquires as to what transpired and where your employer is. FB comes to an end. Viren summons Jai. Jai approaches Viren and Malini. Viren divulges Jai’s secrets. He adds, “Hello, handsome man!” Aradhna is going to be one of the top editors in the state, he says. Jai is greeted by Kriti. Aradhna, according to Komal, is my sister. Malini inquires as to why your mother did not attend. Jai has stated that she will attend. Malini invites Kimaya to meet with Jai. Kimaya inquires about Vikram. Viren inquires as to his whereabouts. When Jai says he was punctured, I simply mean that his car was ruptured. Viren claims that Aradhna will give you a run for your money because she is a diamond. Jai claims to have seen her spark. The man says the presentation will begin in 5 minutes. Viren inquires about Vikram’s whereabouts. If your squad isn’t ready, Jai suggests that I go first; we’ll win on merit. Jai leaves to deliver the presentation.


Kimaya remains depressed. Malini believes she will smile when Vikram arrives. Aradhna is chastised by Reyansh. He wonders who he was, how dare he say that, and why you were laughing. She claims he was so attractive; if your ego is bruised, go shatter a bottle. What’s your problem, he replies, you’re teasing me. She claims you abandoned me there because you know what happened to me there, and that person helped and saved me. He claims to be taking a chance. She responds, “Yes, I gave him a chance; now proceed.” Jai inquires if there is a problem. You continue even though Reyansh says no. Aradhna claims that we are already late as a result of you. Reyansh puts her on watch. He takes the stage. She claims he’ll do another drama, but this time he won’t have his work. Viren inquires as to what he is doing. Reyansh cracks a joke about his company’s news. Kimaya smiles as she sees Vikram.


According to Reyansh, we have busted a narcotics ring and exposed wrongdoers, but these are overachievements. Everyone applauds. Reyansh extends his hand and says hello… Namaste, Jai…. We will announce the winner after a 30-minute interval, according to the man. Reyansh claims you were concerned that I would be late and ruin the presentation. Jai claims I was assisting Viren. Viren meets Jai and introduces him to Vikram. Jai inquires of Aradhna’s obnoxious boss? He claims, “I thought Aradhna was the editor; I know her; some insane man abandoned her in the jungle.” Reyansh informs you that Aradhna has arrived. He makes fun of Jai. They begin to argue. Aradhna is concerned. Reyansh says, “Come on, hit me.” Jai embraces him. They both laugh.


Everyone is taken aback. Jai claims you forgot about your pal. Reyansh claims to be my 15-year-old best friend. He embraces Jai. Aradhna thinks they’re pals since I told him so much about Reyansh. Jai questions why you changed your name. Reyansh says I’ll tell you later. Jai’s father arrives to greet him. According to Reyansh, we too have contacts and pals. Viren says, “Come on, Vikram, don’t be irritated.” Reyansh inquires as to how you came to India. Jai replies I had no choice but to come. Reyansh asks if you came to acquire us; we’ll be sold because Jai has become a media mogul there. Not so fast, replies Jai. Vikram, according to Malini, is like family. Viren claims that he does not listen to everyone. Malini suggests that we go out to eat. Vikram inquires about Jai’s health. Jai responds, “Fine.” Sunaina thinks you’ve grown into a large man. Jai greets you with a smile. Aradhna claims you are aware of his truth. Yes, Jai adds, he maintained Vikram as his name, but I don’t like it, it doesn’t suit you. Vikram cracks jokes. Reyansh claims I altered my name and city to be more feminine. Aradhna says, “I thought you were sweet, sensitive, and non-toxic, but you’re Reyansh’s friend, and that’s your biggest red flag.” According to Vikram, I’m also Reyansh’s best friend, therefore I’m not bad. She claims you abandoned your wife and came here to see Reyansh. Vikram says I should go. Sunaina joins us. Aradhna says she wants to travel as well. Reyansh inquires about your personal situation. According to Jai, you must be tolerant of a great deal. Aradhna requests that Kimaya divert her attention. Kimaya believes that everyone is pitying her. Kriti and Jai converse. She claims to be my older sister. She demonstrates to Kimaya. Jai notices Aradhna. Kriti claims that the Khanna sisters are well-known in Dehradun. Of course, Khanna Kanyas, he says. She comments, “Good one, I like it.” He leaves. Aradhna adds, “Trust me, I understand; the same thing happened to me; I was insulted in front of the entire world, and you know what I learned?” Kimaya inquires how much time has passed. Aradhna responds, “I don’t know; you’ll know when it comes.” Reyansh shows Aradhna and declares, “I adore her.” Kimaya smiles as she sees Reyansh. He is a good guy, she says, and the female he selects will be lucky. Jai recognizes Aradhna and Kimaya.


According to the man, the winner is… When Jai sees Aradhna, he smiles. Malini receives the letter. Aradhna questions why you want my truth to be revealed.