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The episode begins with Malini praying for Kimaya. Aradhna needs to cheer for us since Kimaya got Reyansh and I got Jai. Kriti believes my plan was successful. All are invited to the Shanti puja by Malini. We all need peace, Reyansh argues. In the puja, he is seated. He remembers what Aradhna said. Seeing Kadambari is Viren. She stands up to go. Reyansh advises that you must sit for Kimaya’s sake because this puja would not be complete without you. Malini requests that you sit. Reyansh remembers Viren’s and Kadambari’s intense gaze. He listens to them converse. Viren is a poet. Singing by Kadambari. I’m happy to see you after all these years, he says. Reyansh becomes irate. He remembers being reprimanded by Kadambari when he was younger. I swear on this fire that he believes I will live to ruin this man, Viren.

Aradhna, in Kriti’s opinion, would be on fire inside. Reyansh remembers talking with Kadambari and Vivek, and how he used to celebrate his birthday by himself. Kadambari remembers discussing Reyanshi’s denial with Vivek. Did anything happen, he asks. She says, “I’m not sure.” According to the pandit, puja was finished. Reyansh predicts that the peace will end soon. He stays away from Viren’s feet. I’ll give you a hug; that’s my right, he says. He embraces Viren. He believes that you have stolen both my dad’s joy and my childhood, and that I will take everything from you. Give Vivek a hug. He says, “I’ll go talk to mom; she needs special attention.” What’s all the commotion about? Why did you get engaged to someone else when you love Aradhna, Kadambari wonders. He says, “I’m doing my duty, I’m going to make a relationship with that man’s daughter, with whom your relation was incomplete.” You also followed family customs. Does she know? she asks. He mocks her. She warns against doing this, saying that three lives will be destroyed, that you cannot marry in order to get revenge, and that you detest me so much. You started it, I’ll complete it, he says. He chastises her.

I’ll marry Kimaya, Viren’s daughter will be mine, I’ll tell her your love tale, grin, and now we’ll just chat about love, he says, predicting that history will repeat itself. She continues, “You hate me, okay? I’ll leave you forever and go. I’ve sent your dad divorce papers. I’ll disappear from your life and pretend that your mother is dead.” Wow, you are so wrecked, you ruined my and my dad’s life, he says while clapping. He says, “You have to stay here and watch your lover get destroyed; you should know what it’s like to be stuck in a relationship that doesn’t work; Vivek stayed in grief, and Kimaya will stay in grief; you will see it; this is your legacy; come, meet your love; you’ve now connected with him.” She rejects. He leads her outside. I should have done this earlier, he says. For her devotion, he asks Kadambari to perform a passionate Ghazal. Please, she says. Come, he says; everything will be OK. Each person claps. Kadambari plays while singing “Hame Tumse” Aradhna believes that I have damaged Reyansh. He sings as well. After all, they were engaged, so he invites Jai to dance. Aradhna travels with Kadambari. Stop Reyansh, she commands. Aradhna claims that I asked him to propose to Kimaya. Says Kadambari, “Don’t do this.” Aradhna considers asking him why he got engaged. She approaches Reyansh. He’s lying down on a bench. Rain falls. He talks to her while drinking. I got engaged, he claims, and started seeing someone else. Why did you do this, she asks?

Vikram claims that Reyansh is turning toxic once more. Did you inform Reyansh that you were divorcing me and why couldn’t you wait, inquires Vivek. According to Reyansh, if you get in my path, I’ll ruin you, Aradhna, and Kimaya will cry.