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The episode begins with Reyansh asking Aradhna a difficult question: “Do you love me?” Aradhna, feeling conflicted, tells him she doesn’t love him, and that Kimaya loves him. She advises Reyansh to go to Kimaya and marry her. Reyansh is taken aback by her response and asks if she hates him, to which she replies that she doesn’t have any feelings for him.

Reyansh, feeling hurt, declares that he doesn’t have a responsibility to protect everyone’s feelings, including Kimaya’s. He walks away, leaving Aradhna in tears. Aradhna is then approached by Kadambari, who inquires about what happened. Reyansh informs Kadambari that their engagement has been canceled because she arrived late. Aradhna is left wondering what went wrong.

Meanwhile, Akash urges Viren to arrange a second engagement quickly. Jai consoles Aradhna and suggests giving Reyansh some time to reconsider. Aradhna insists that there’s no time to wait. Reyansh approaches Kimaya and apologizes, but he confesses that he doesn’t love her. Aradhna is shocked, and she questions Reyansh’s actions.

In a surprising turn of events, Reyansh admits his love for Aradhna and reveals that his relationship with Kimaya was a misunderstanding. He asserts that he can’t deceive Kimaya and the others by marrying her. Reyansh makes Aradhna wear the engagement ring, and they share an emotional moment.

However, it turns out that this was all a dream of Aradhna’s. Reyansh introduces Kadambari to everyone, and they appear to share a history together. Reyansh announces a short break and the engagement will resume later. Reyansh gets engaged to Kimaya in the end, while Aradhna watches, feeling conflicted about her decision.

As the engagement proceeds, Kadambari and Viren recognize each other and recall their past. Reyansh seems to notice their connection. After a brief delay, the engagement ceremony continues, and Reyansh engages with Kimaya, but he can’t help but look at Aradhna while reciting poetry.

As the engagement festivities continue, Kadambari is worried that Reyansh is making a mistake, but she keeps her concerns to herself. Reyansh’s friends encourage him to continue with the engagement, and everyone claps. Kimaya is asked to put the engagement ring on Reyansh’s finger, while Kadambari remains anxious.

Back in reality, Jai approaches Aradhna and expresses his disbelief about Reyansh’s decision. Aradhna confirms that she and Reyansh love each other, but they can’t break Kimaya’s heart. She explains that their love isn’t more important than Kimaya’s happiness. Jai appreciates her selflessness and offers his support as a friend.

Kriti observes the conversation and tells Jai that Aradhna will bring Reyansh and Kimaya together because she won’t take a big risk. Jai reflects on how limited knowledge can lead to losses.

Kadambari is puzzled by Reyansh’s actions and wonders why he’s hurting both himself and Aradhna. Vivek questions if their love will ever bring happiness to Reyansh.

In the preview for the next episode, Reyansh hints at causing trouble for Kimaya, but Aradhna is determined to protect her.