Barsatein 23rd October 2023 Episode 76

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In this episode, Kriti is planning to deal with Aradhna. Kimaya accidentally falls, causing Malini and Aradhna to become concerned. Kimaya is upset, and Malini asks Aradhna for help, worried that Kimaya and Reyansh’s engagement might be called off. Aradhna is unsure if Reyansh will agree to the engagement. Jai confronts Kriti and accuses her of causing Kimaya’s fall. Kriti promises not to make the same mistake again, but Jai makes it clear that he will never love or respect her. Kriti insists that their engagement is all about her image and reminds Jai that his engagement ring bears her name.

Malini reveals that Kimaya had a miscarriage and is devastated. Aradhna comforts Kimaya and Malini. Kimaya expresses her sorrow at losing her baby. Malini asks Aradhna to prevent anyone from entering the room. Aradhna is torn between her loyalty to Malini and her belief that Reyansh will not agree to the engagement. Reyansh shares a sweet moment with Aradhna, joking about her wearing heels. Meanwhile, Komal brings Reyansh his jacket.

Aradhna sees Kimaya and becomes emotional. Komal reminds Reyansh about giving Nek, a tradition where he offers a gift or money. Reyansh agrees, and Malini assures Kimaya of his support. Aradhna struggles with her emotions as she remembers her moments with Reyansh. Reyansh questions the idea of marrying Kimaya and thinks it’s foolish. Aradhna sends Kriti to attend to the guests, and Kriti pleads with her to handle Kimaya’s fragile state.

Aradhna promises to take care of the situation and decides to talk to Reyansh. She pulls him aside and advises him to go through with the engagement for the family’s sake. Reyansh is puzzled and upset. Aradhna is determined to break his heart and make him angry. She encourages him to marry Kimaya, claiming it’s in his best interest. Reyansh questions her decision and feels like she’s punishing him.

In the upcoming episode, Kimaya gets engaged to Reyansh, making Kadambari sad. Reyansh expresses his frustration at the situation, and Aradhna cries, torn between her emotions and the family’s expectations.