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The episode begins with Jai requesting Aradhna to keep the ring. Cheat, says Reyansh. He scolds Jai by grabbing his collar. He triumphs over Jai. The ring falls to the ground. Aradhna puts a stop to Reyansh. Reyansh claims that everyone knows she is insane. Jai, you have no shame. He shoves her and shouts, “She’s mine, I’m marrying her, you’re a snake, not a friend.” Aradhna tells him to go. Bhakti requests that Harsh stop them. The lady says he’s right, who is this person, Aradhna has gone hi fi, we haven’t seen a decent girl with two guys, she’s constantly doing drama. People begin to converse. Aradhna is concerned. Reyansh requests that she go. Jai punches him in the face. O naadan parinde….plays… They are both fighting. People chastised Aradhna’s family. Aradhna enters the ring. She selects the ring. Jai, she pleads, will you marry me? Reyansh is taken aback.

She proposes marriage to Jai. She says, “You got this ring for me, make me wear it, marry me.” Jai forces her to wear the ring. Reyansh becomes depressed. Rabba mere…entertains… Aradhna says my wedding will take place and that you are not required to attend. Reyansh claims that you can’t love anyone else than me. She says yes, but I won’t marry you because I can’t forget Kimaya and the anguish you caused me. I don’t believe that love should be difficult; love should be simple. I want to be happy, and Jai will keep me happy because he won’t disrespect or upset my parents like you do. You can’t do it, according to Reyansh. Bhakti shoves him. He takes a seat and pleads for Aradhna. Bhakti says she informed her decision, that she is marrying Jai against her will, and that she would like to leave. Please, aunty and uncle, says Reyansh… Aradhna walks away, holding Jai’s hand. She sobs.

Jai inquires as to why you done this. She claims I didn’t have an option. He claims you did nothing wrong, but tell me one thing, how does one thing when dreams come true, my dreams are only a compromise for you. She claims that it is her decision, that she wants to live and move on. He says, “Fine, if this is your decision, I’m with you, I can do anything for you, because I…. Aradhna says she can’t give you love, but she can give you friendship, respect, and collaboration… He adds, “It’s fine, it’s enough for me.” She finds it odd that I am repeating history today. Reyansh drinks and declares, “I will murder Jai.” Jai arrives and begins to quarrel. Reyansh says, “Hit me, Aradhna is just mine,” you are so brilliant, you made me awful in front of them and turned me good, my heart is crushed, you have broken me, you have grabbed my weakness and finished me, Aradhna is mine. He leaves. It’s early in the morning, and Bhakti is on the phone with Jai. She requests that he bring his folks home. Reyansh steps out in front of an automobile. When he sees someone, he smiles.

It’s morning, and Bhakti is preparing food. She phones Harsh and tells him that Jai’s family is on their way. Aradhna observes. Bhakti claims they are wealthy Londoners; I hope to marry Aradhna soon and move away from Reyansh. Aradhna claims that everything is OK. She goes to look at the door. She claims you…

Jai is fast asleep. Someone should go bring him some coffee. Let me sleep, he says. The lady pinches his foot, waking him up. He asks, “Maa, when did you come?” She says, “It’s not fair, you chose a girl.” He claims you’ll know when you meet Aradhna. She says, “Explain to me what makes that girl special, is she your dream girl.” He says yes, but… nothing, it’s nice to see you, I’ll get ready and come. She claims that I will observe and test her.

Aradhna notices Malini. Malini smiles and embraces her. Bhakti says you’re right here. Malini embraces her. Bhakti inquires as to how you arrived. Malini claims that she learned of Aradhna and Jai’s reconciliation. Aradhna affirms. Malini comments, “I’m happy, you made the right choice,” and that Jai is a good guy who will keep you happy. Aradhna inquires as to your well-being. Malini says, “Can a mother be fine after losing a daughter?” Things aren’t the same between Viren and me, so I’ll stay here for a few days. She claims I came to tell her something important about Reyansh. She has fond memories of meeting Reyansh. Reyansh declares, “I will kill Jai; I will not abandon him.” She is concerned. FB comes to an end. Aradhna inquires about Reyansh’s mishap and whether he is okay. Bhakti inquires. Malini believes that if we want Aradhna to be happy, we must keep him away from Reyansh.
Precap: Aradhna expresses gratitude to Jai’s mother. Reyansh returns the shagun to his home. Aradhna sets fire to the frame. According to Reyansh, you cannot remove this name.