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The episode begins with Aradhna crying and saying, “If anyone gets the letter, I will never forgive you.” Reyansh instructs her to contact Beena and inquire. She tells the driver, “Stop the car, I have to go.” He comes to a complete stop in his automobile. Viren also comes to a halt. He inquires as to what transpired. Reyansh says everything is fine and that he is looking into things. Viren takes the lead. Aradhna and Reyansh disagree. He advises you to go to your biological mother and inform her if you have the courage. She says you won’t understand, that you never behaved normally with your mother, that everything between us was finished, that I lost my family and parents because of you, that I lost my love and trust, that I will never trust you again, that I will never love again.

Fine, he replies, you lack the confidence to listen to yourself. She says, “Stop the car or I’ll jump out.” He comes to a halt and says, “Go, come by walk.” She walks away. He wonders what went wrong; he noticed the letter but didn’t read it; nonsense, she’s too much for me; I can’t leave her alone. She sobs by the side of the road. She claims he is so arrogant that he abandoned her as if I was dependent on him, and that I must act. Some thugs approach her and tease her. She is concerned. Reyansh returns and searches for her. She says don’t come any farther, I’ll call the cops, just get away. She bolts. The thugs pursue her.

A man approaches and inquires if there is an issue. No, she says, I’m just going. Goon takes her hand in his. She slaps the thug. The man inquires if you are certain you do not want assistance. She declines.

She terrifies them by tying a stone to her dupatta. Aisi dhakkad hai….plays… The thugs apprehend her. The man claims that six males and one woman are shameless. You go, the goon says she’s ours. The man adds you can inform me if you need assistance. She says, “All of you are the same; leave me alone or I will call the cops.” She requests assistance from the man. She kicks the thug. He selects a chain. The man confronts and attacks the goon.

He defeats them all. He claims that a true fighter is one who knows he is going to win and looks behind him. The cops arrive. The thugs flee. The man pulls them over and has them arrested. Aradhna expresses gratitude to the man. He says you made my evening enjoyable, thank you, and you used this properly. Aradhna, she says. He introduces himself as Jai. They exchange handshakes. He asks if he may drop you somewhere; don’t worry, I’m nice; come. Reyansh contacts her and wonders why her phone number is not available. Aradhna chooses Jai. Reyansh notices her in Jai’s vehicle. She declines his call. He continues to call her. Jai inquires about BF. He considers his employees to be his property, she claims. He says to contact public relations.

She claims that I did, but nothing happened. Take his call, he says. She claims he left me in the middle of a fight. He claims to be a psycho, but please answer the phone; trust me, it will be enjoyable. She responds. Reyansh inquires as to your whereabouts. Jai takes a step back and says, “Don’t call again.” Aradhna chuckles. Jai claims I live overseas, but my heart remains in the United States. I don’t remember the last time I laughed, she says. Jai says he won’t ask since he doesn’t want to bring up old wounds and make you cry. Reyansh and he are so dissimilar that she believes he cares about girls. Reyansh believes I’m crazy; she was laughing when the man was speaking gibberish, and I’m not afraid of anyone.


Jai thinks you look like your mother. Reyansh and Aradhna disagree. Jai mocks him.