Barsatein 21st September 2023 Episode 54

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The Episode begins with Malini thinking about her daughter, Kimaya. Viren asks her what’s on her mind, and she shares that they were talking about how time and new experiences can heal a broken heart, just like the rain washes away old sorrows and brings new life to everything. She hopes that Kimaya’s life will also improve. Viren appreciates her thoughts and wishes her goodnight.

Reyansh goes to meet Aradhna, and an envelope labeled “Mom” falls on him. He decides not to pry into her personal matters and thinks he’ll wait until she trusts him enough to share. The next morning, Viren wakes up feeling unwell due to the cold, and Malini gives him some pills. They discuss who will take over their business and empire in the future, and they consider Vikram as a capable candidate. Viren has to go to the office, while Aradhna and Vikram are expected to visit their home. Kimaya is excited to see Vikram.

During a conversation with Reyansh and Aradhna, Reyansh disagrees with Viren, but eventually, they agree with Aradhna’s perspective. Viren mentions that he and Aradhna are attending a media expo, and they can’t take Reyansh along. Malini suggests that the girls and she will go to the expo for a picnic. Everyone agrees, and they start preparing for the trip.

Vikram expresses his admiration for Reyansh’s business acumen, and Reyansh feels a sense of responsibility towards the company. Meanwhile, Viren notices similarities between Vikram and himself, particularly their self-confidence. Aradhna suggests that she’ll go with Viren, leaving Reyansh to handle some work. As they prepare for the expo, they talk about Akash Khurana’s son coming to bid, and Viren worries about the increased competition.

Reyansh and the girls tease Kriti about her past crush on Akash’s son. Aradhna leaves a letter behind, which Reyansh finds and contemplates returning. Vikram and Reyansh have a conversation about Aradhna. Viren discovers the letter and Vikram comments on the situation.

As they head to the expo, the girls dance on the road, and Reyansh joins in to maintain a good image in front of the boss’ daughters. Viren and Malini enjoy the fun as well. Reyansh and Aradhna finally manage to leave for the expo, but Aradhna realizes the letter is missing from the file.

In the next episode, Aradhna blames Reyansh for the missing letter and asks him to stop the car. She finds herself surrounded by goons but is eventually rescued by a stranger.