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The episode begins with Vivek greeting Viren and Malini. Vivek explains, “Actually, Vikram is my son Reyansh Lamba, and I’m a Delhi hotelier.” Viren is taken aback. Vivek believes Vikram is Reyansh. Vikram inquires as to what you are saying. Vivek says, “Our families are coming together,” and “I want to bring out the truth.” Reyansh is the owner of Nation True News Channel, and he wanted to do something without my name and backing, so he came here as Vikram, and you chose him for your daughter. Vikram states, “I’m Vikram, and I’m not marrying anyone.” Jai approaches Vivek and greets him. Jai claims that Reyansh is Vikram, and that he has known him since infancy. Aradhna approaches and observes. Our bahurani, according to Vivek, has arrived. They turn to look at Aradhna. Malini invites Kimaya to join her. Vivek hugs Aradhna and inquires about her health. Aradhna adds, “I’m glad you’re here.” Kriti says Jai’s engagement comes first. Vivek inquires about Reyansh’s whereabouts. A man kidnaps Reyansh and demands to speak with him. Reyansh inquires as to your identity. The man claims to be a regular man, yet Viren is a crooked man who sentenced me to prison 30 years ago. So you blackmailed his family, says Reyansh. The man claims he did it out of avarice; I did it out of justice; you have an engagement today; deliver this picture to him. Jai inquires of Vivek, “Where is Reyansh?” Vivek dials Reyansh’s number. Reyansh says I’ve seen this picture before, should I go? The man says you’re free to go ahead with your engagement. Reyansh walks away.

Komal requests nek. Jai says no nek for marriage. Engagement, according to Komal, is out of the question. He says fine, whatever you want. He hands over the cash. Stay with me, Kriti says, since I’m nervous. Don’t worry, Aradhna replies, I’m here. Jai arrives. Malini instructs him to begin the rasam. Kriti extends her hand.


Jai notices Aradhna. He is taken aback. He walks away. Akash and the others pursue Jai. Jai inquires as to what is going on. Kriti says I’ll speak with Jai. Jai wonders what all of this is about. Kriti informs him of everything. He claims that he adores Aradhna. She claims that you will marry me, but the truth is that Aradhna adores Reyansh. Aradhna, Malini says, I have some work for you. Aradhna dials Reyansh’s number. She requests that he arrive as soon as possible. He says I’m on my way and that I’m on the highway. She claims that they believe… He hangs up the phone. Kriti claims Aradhna and Reyansh have been having an affair since Delhi, and he came here to pursue her. She plays the video of Reyansh and Aradhna. She claims to be quite astute. Jai reflects about Reyansh’s remarks.


Jai claims that wrecking our lives makes you proud. Kriti wonders if I ruined it, well, right, but what about Aradhna, I’m not sure where she came into our lives, Kimaya’s marriage went apart and she fell in love with Reyansh, Aradhna wants to kidnap him, no way, I won’t let this happen. She expresses gratitude to him. She claims that she has plenty of evidence against Aradhna and that if she doesn’t hold her hand, she would insult and defame her. Jai believes you believe I will propose to you. Yes, I know you’ll do it for Aradhna’s sake, she says. He inquires whether you are content. Kriti replies, “I’m glad Aradhna didn’t get you because she tried to ruin Kimaya and my happiness, and I don’t want her to get happiness because love isn’t necessary for marriage; it happens gradually.” He says you are doing a tremendous mistake. She claims that her father will fire Aradhna from her job and that her mother will remove her from her heart. Kriti and Jai arrive for the wedding. They get married. Everyone embraces Kriti and Jai.


Viren approaches Reyansh and inquires, “Did you call me?” Reyansh claims that he met someone who told him about your background, that someone is blackmailing you, and that you didn’t tell me. Viren mentions Akash, and I decide to handle it. Reyansh says he has a problem with you, and he brought me this picture, which I saw someplace. Viren says it’s a mistake, I gave a revolutionary speech in college, you and Jai are my family now, I’ll call on you when I need it, come. Reyansh comes and congratulates Jai. He inquires as to why you are upset. He inquires of Kriti as to what transpired. Kriti predicts that your state will be the same by the evening. Reyansh asks who is looking forward to the evening. Jai believes that Reyansh, you, and I are trapped in a massive game, and that Kriti has caught us terribly. Aradhna considers telling Reyansh the truth.



Reyansh proposes to Kimaya. Aradhna sobs.