Barsatein 19th September 2023 Episode 52

Episode 52

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Barsatein 19th September Episode 52 Aradhna & Rayansh Love Story Full Video Episode, Written Update Only on

The episode begins with Beena seeing Reyansh drinking. She talks to him and suggests that he should leave since he lost his job. Reyansh agrees and expresses his gratitude towards Beena. Beena offers him a rum cake, but Reyansh receives a call, suspecting that Aradhna wants to get rid of him.

Sunaina talks to Aradhna and tells her that she should be happy because she can now move on in life without Reyansh. Aradhna contemplates this while Beena gets the cake for Reyansh. Reyansh is thankful to Beena and kisses her hand, revealing that he loves someone who even hates his name. Beena empathizes with his pain and suggests that he either change himself or stay back if he cares.

Aradhna recalls Reyansh and contemplates whether their story is correct. She decides to testify and goes to Viren’s house to confront him. She defends Reyansh, but Viren opposes her. Aradhna praises Reyansh, but Viren argues that he already left and she should be glad to have his position.

Kimaya, Malini, and others oppose Viren and ask him to call Reyansh back. Viren tries to call Reyansh, but Reyansh doesn’t answer. Aradhna calls him, and Reyansh disconnects. Kimaya calls Reyansh, begging him not to go. Aradhna keeps her phone nearby, hoping he will answer her call. She finally calls Reyansh and tells him he is not fired, asking him to stay for her sake. However, Reyansh has already left in a cab.

Meanwhile, Bhakti receives a call from Malini, who mistakes her for someone else. Bhakti pretends to be someone named Neeta and wishes Aradhna a happy birthday before disconnecting. Aradhna reaches the bus stand and sees Reyansh boarding a bus. She desperately runs towards him, shouting his name, but the bus leaves.

In the preview, Reyansh returns to Aradhna, and Bhakti wishes Aradhna a happy birthday, leaving her emotional.

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