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The episode begins with Viren becoming enraged after witnessing the footage. He receives a phone call. He claims I want two distinct stages for my daughters’ wedding. Malini appears and inquires as to why you are stressed and whether you are being blackmailed. He apologizes, saying it’s because of my past; since I got married, I haven’t looked back. She claims that our marriage was not founded on love and romance, but on the foundation of a nice family; I trust your present, not anyone’s words; and our daughters’ happiness should not be jeopardized. Is somebody blackmailing you? he asks. She says to just concentrate on tomorrow’s function. Jai mulls on what to wear. Aradhna grins as she recalls Reyansh. She receives a phone call from Jai. He inquires about your morning. She says the weather is fine, as it always is.

She requests that he arrive on time for the engagement. He wonders what I’m going to wear; Kriti has provided me 5 outfits. She says she can do whatever she wants. He says, “Fine, I’m nervous.” She adds she, too, is apprehensive because it is a major step. She recalls Reyansh. She thinks it’s time to fill our laps with joy, and whatever you wear, you’ll look good. He laughs. Aradhna considers Reyansh. Reyansh arrives and presents her with flowers. She says, “Who said I’d get engaged?” and “What if I don’t come?” He says you must come for my friend; I will decorate you; I know you miss your family; and I am your family as of today. He takes her and prepares her for their wedding.


He invites her to accompany the driver. He says I need to get ready and that I will go. She claims that I didn’t say yes till now. He promises suspense until the finish. They both smile. He walks away. Mai teri hogai yaan… Malini hugs Kimaya and tells her that Vikram adores her. Kriti gets ready and discusses Aradhna with a buddy. Reyansh phones Vivek and inquires as to his whereabouts. Vivek says I’ll be there in an hour, I’m your father, don’t teach me, Shagun has reached the girl, I’m getting the ring, I’ll be glad when you give the ring to Aradhna. Reyansh inquires if Kadambari is on his way. Vivek says she’s on her way, it’s your engagement, forget the bitterness, your mom and I love you, and we’ll see your dream come true. He dials Kadambari’s number.


Please don’t shatter our son’s heart, he thinks. Akash requests that Viren forget the past. Viren beams. Aradhna visits Kriti. She assures me that everything will be alright. Kriti replies, “Mom wanted to tell you, sorry to stop her, everything is fixed, we got shagun from Vikram’s parents side, they are on their way.” Aradhna is taken aback. Kriti says Kimaya and I would be happy since you wanted the best for us. Aradhna informs me that I must leave. Don’t do what Kriti advises because I need you. Aradhna claims that she does not understand. Kimaya enters and says, “Thank you, Vikram’s family sent this lehenga for me, it’s all because of you.” She embraces Aradhna. Don’t worry, Kriti says, no one will steal your happiness this time.


Reyansh adds, “Come on time, Vikram, we’ll tell everyone the truth.” My name is Vikram, and I’m Reyansh. In his car, he notices a masked man. Just come with me, says the man. Kimaya leaves. Kriti requests that Aradhna not accompany her. Aradhna says you’re brave, but I have to leave. She visits Malini. Malini adds, “Don’t worry, Kimaya told me not to talk to you like that,” adding, “I know Kimaya is happy and safe because of you, and I’m not upset with you.” Aradhna claims Kriti told her… Malini says yes, it’s Kimaya and Vikram’s engagement, and his father has sent shagun, saying he will accept Kimaya and her pregnancy, as you’ve witnessed. Aradhna sobs. Malini thanks life for giving Kimaya a chance. She embraces Aradhna. Kriti observes. Aradhna flees, believing that everyone believes Reyansh will marry Kimaya, but Reyansh believes otherwise. She perceives her inner self. She claims that Reyansh will never agree. Aradhna claims you asked him to leave. She says, “I’m seeing him go away and I realized I can’t live without him, I love him a lot,” and that “he won’t let this happen, he will clear this misunderstanding.” Her inner self asks, “What about Kimaya?” Kimaya will shatter and Malini will not forgive you if she trusts Reyansh. Aradhna claims that he has changed. Her inner self believes he won’t change; is he going to cheat you again? Vivek returns home and runs into Malini and Viren. Aradhna is sobbing. She wonders how this happened to her.



Reyansh proposes to Kimaya. Aradhna sobs.