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The episode begins with Jai urging everyone to greet Aradhna. The staff applauds. Nita tells Varun that no one has ever received such a warm welcome. Varun tells her to leave it and accept her. Nita claims Aradhna will never be allowed in my home or office. She walks over to Aradhna and greets her. She suggests that we return to work. Jai says a large multinational corporation wants to collaborate with me, thus I believe my goal is a reality. Aradhna expresses her delight after learning this. He says dad and I must leave from this company because of its rules; Varun will become CEO instead of us; he has gone insane gleefully; who knew he would sign our checks; he has matured. She says, “I hope you thought carefully.” He says sure, it’s true, we know Mr. Bansal well, and I’m overjoyed. Varun appears and informs me that you are entertaining your wife in my cabin. He wonders whether you’re surprised because the empire is mine. Varun believes the obligation is significant. Jai instructs him to get to work. Varun mocks her.

He informs about a smuggler’s news lead. He claims that we will expose him. Aradhna advises you to double-check the information. Relax, he adds, journalism is in my blood, and you should control your fear. Nita believes Varun is correct; when Aradhna was terrified at home, he worked on this project; I trust him. Varun, Jai says I trust you, but we need conduct some study. Varun responds, “OK, we’ll take care of it.”

Aradhna answers Bhakti and Malini’s phone call and speaks with them. They instruct her to take her medications and eat. Bhakti thinks Jai is a great person, therefore I’m delighted for you two. Aradhna is terrified. The lady requests that she review the final edit. Aradhna assures her that she is well. Nita and Varun discuss Jai and Aradhna. She replies, “I wish Reyansh had come; he vanished and my plan failed.” He continues, “Don’t worry, Aradhna will work under me, I’m the boss, once this news hits, the office will be sorted, but think about the house, you might lose it.” On the phone, Jai speaks with Bhakti. He assures her that he is with Aradhna. She says, “I’m sure you’ll keep her happy,” because you didn’t tell what happened that night, and she has changed. He says, “Don’t worry, I promise, I’m with her, she’s safe with me.” She responds, “Fine, stay happy.”

He inquires of Aradhna how she is feeling. I like it, she says, and I’m impressed by Varun’s determination. He says yeah, help him, if he falls, you take care of him, shall I cook your lunch, just the two of you, not me and mom? She confirms that we will spend some time together. He says, “Perfect, go with my driver, not by yourself.” She claims I’ve always traveled alone. He adds that day will return, but don’t worry, I’ll contact Varun. She goes out to eat.

She wonders why she feels Reyansh is following her and why she is terrified. She requests that the motorist come to a complete halt. She walks everywhere. She arrives at the restaurant. She informs me that I must use the restroom. She travels there. She is imprisoned there. She yells, “Reyansh, open the door!” The waiter opens the door and inquires as to what transpired. She yells, “Reyansh, where are you?” According to the man, the door was stuck. She claims that Reyansh compensated you for this. Varun meets someone and informs them that he is in control of the company, and Aradhna can try her best. Varun is seen with someone, according to Aradhna. What are you doing here with Jai’s opponent, Reyansh, who wants to ruin Jai? Varun invites her to come see him once. She notices Kriti. I thought it was Reyansh, she says. Varun says, “I also consider family,” and Malini has requested me to bring Kriti home. He remembers Malini’s phone call. Kriti replies, “I understand your fear; I ran away from my family; I became a criminal; I’m not that, you know that; please help me; I wasn’t in my control.” Aradhna advises you to see Malini, as she misses you greatly. Everything will be alright, as I will explain to Jai.

When Jai sees Kriti, he becomes enraged. He chastises Varun. He claims she tried to kill me and is my adversary. Kriti says, “I’m sorry, Jai, don’t charge Santosh; it’s a lie.” Varun, Jai says, you told her this. She says, “I know that man; he’s not a smuggler; trust me, you’ll all get caught; don’t do this.” Varun believes she is correct. Jai responds, “Shut up, you said this story is true, and now you’re changing your mind,” implying that she is now dating Reyansh. Varun interprets this to mean that I am with Reyansh. Jai declares, “I don’t want Kriti here; otherwise, I will have her arrested.” Kriti is leaving. Varun disagrees with Jai. Jai slaps him across the face. He’s had enough. Varun storms off in rage.

Precap: Aradhna agrees with Kriti. Jai said we’ll air this tale. The office is being sealed. Jai and Akash are concerned.