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The episode begins with Reyansh and Aradhna locking eyes. They are at odds. Saajna, play…. Is it your yes? he asks. Yes, Aradhna says, for this pleasant mood, this music, ambience, everyone is very pleased. Not for this, but for that, he says. She answers yes to that as well; some people can’t change, but you did; you backed Kimaya and understood me; yes to that. He claims that if I’ve changed, I should be rewarded. She prevents him from kissing her. He claims you are cruel and that you gals like duping boys. She claims you are aware of it. Malini appears and inquires as to what you are doing here. He says we have a surprise for you and that you should leave. Malini is leaving.

Aradhna departs. Kriti claims that Aradhna is always pursuing Vikram, everywhere. I told her not to try dumb jokes here since no one will believe that Vikram and Kimaya are getting married if they saw them. Malini is concerned. Komal says, “As you all know, it’s Malini’s birthday, and we sisters and Aradhna have planned a surprise for her.” They all put on a great dance performance. Everyone is dancing. Malini beams. Viren obtains a video of the previous incident. He becomes concerned.

He passes out. Everyone wants to know what occurred. Viren’s blood pressure is checked by the doctor. He requests that Viren refrain from drinking. Reyansh and Jai, according to Viren, will become my sons-in-law. Malini tells the girls to go and let their father rest. She inquires as to what is causing your tension. Viren claims that the doctor advised him to rest.

Kadambari claims, “I never cheated you, and I apologize.” Vivek says that if you wait until Reyansh’s marriage and promise not to tell him anything, I would give you a divorce. She responds, “Fine, I’ll try to come on time.” He says you must travel to Dehradun. Malini is consoled by Aradhna. Malini informs me that I must prepare for an engagement. Don’t worry, Aradhna replies, I’ll take care of Jai and Kriti. Malini claims that you are aware of Kimaya’s established relationship. Aradhna thinks it’s a nice thing since Kimaya is lucky, and that guy is lucky because he’ll be pleased with her. Kriti believes Malini can use Vikram’s name. Aradhna does not want Kimaya to suffer again, she pleads to her mother. Malini agrees. Aradhna claims you leave everything to us, who is he? Kriti says it’s a surprise, but please assist me. Aradhna departs. Kriti instructs Malini not to speak with strangers. Malini claims she has no idea who the man is. Kriti warns, “You know how people are.” If Malini says yes, Kimaya’s happiness should not be jeopardized. Aradhna receives a phone call from Reyansh. Reyansh surprised her by saying, “I thought we were going on an unofficial date.” Jataaye kaisa pyaar… He expresses his emotions. He requests a second opportunity. She says she can’t trust you again because you ruined her life; no, I can’t do this; you can obtain forgiveness but not a second chance. He says you can start over, that you know I’m just yours, that your heart is just mine. Aradhna says no, she doesn’t have time for this. He says that something always happens in life; dad is going to bring you a ring tomorrow; if you wear it, I’ll assume you’ve accepted me; I’ll be waiting. She says no, we won’t discuss it right now. He clutches her close and says, “I told myself that until you hate me, I will tolerate; I will be hurt when you don’t care; we’ll see.” It begins to rain. They exchange kisses. Tum hey ho….plays… She walks away. Reyansh believes the rain has given us another chance; if you wear the ring tomorrow, I will be yours forever. When Jai sees the ring, he thinks to himself, Aradhna, our love season begins tomorrow, I will make you mine, get ready, I’m coming to take my bride.

Reyansh replies, “I’ll get you ready, and no one can separate us.” Reyansh proposes to Kimaya. Aradhna sobs.