Barsatein 17th October 2023 Episode 72

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The episode begins with Reyansh expressing that any nice guy with a good mindset will be lucky to be with Kimaya. He tells Kimaya that she needs her mom, Malini. Reyansh gets a call from Viren and leaves. Kimaya asks her mom not to punish Aradhna for her mistakes, but Malini walks away. Aradhna cheers up Kimaya, and Reyansh approaches her. Meanwhile, Viren talks about his dream of working together with Akash, invites everyone to Malini’s birthday, and compliments her. They all dance, and Kriti becomes upset when she sees Jai with Aradhna. Viren receives a threatening message and leaves the party. Malini notices his anxiety.

Viren wonders who the blackmailer might be, as they seem to know his past. Malini inquires about his well-being, but he requests some privacy. Kriti asks Jai and Aradhna to leave them alone for a while, and Reyansh arrives, warning Jai to stay away from Aradhna, claiming she speaks ill of him. Jai suggests Reyansh have a drink, and Kriti reveals that she and Jai are getting married. Aradhna congratulates them, and they hug. Kriti thinks Aradhna is cleverly playing with Jai’s emotions and pretends to be happy for her. Kriti asks Aradhna to have a drink, and Aradhna takes a glass of juice, unaware of Kriti’s intentions.

During the party, they watch a video of Viren’s journey, but he abruptly stops the video. Reyansh suggests they wait for Viren to return, but Malini sends Komal to check on him. Viren receives a threatening letter and leaves the party. Malini contacts Vivek to discuss the children’s alliance, and Vivek seems pleased as he reads the letter. He calls Kadambari and informs her that Reyansh’s marriage proposal has come, but Kadambari insists on getting a divorce, as Reyansh already knows everything about them. Malini’s birthday continues, and Aradhna brings a special gift for her. Malini is upset and Kimaya defends Aradhna, but Malini remains unforgiving.

Jai and Reyansh arrive at the party, and Kriti asks Kimaya and Aradhna to check the arrangements. Malini questions Viren’s worries, and he asks if he is a bad person. She reassures him and invites him to join the celebration. Jai and Reyansh discuss their respective love lives and see Aradhna. In the next episode, Reyansh gets closer to Aradhna, and they share a kiss, while Jai observes. Kriti misleads Malini.