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Reyansh insults Aradhna at the opening of the episode. He gets slapped by her. He claims that even if you beat me, the truth will not alter because you are pregnant with someone else’s child. She slaps him once again and scolds him. She claims you are ill and have a negative mindset. He asks her to tell him who the woman is. She inquires as to what. He continues, “Don’t become so good, there’s a limit; tell me, who are you now helping, Kimaya?” She tells me not to tell anyone. Kimaya, he says so. She inquires, “Didn’t you doubt me?” He says, “Never, you thought I’d go insane and doubt you, I’m not the same guy, someone changed me.” She says, “I can’t believe it, Kimaya didn’t tell Malini anything.” He claims that it is Angad’s fault, not Kimaya’s, and that he is with her, that she should stop crying, that he would bring coffee for her, and that they should leave. She hugs him and apologizes. Everyone is staring at us, he continues, so come on. They depart.

Aradhna sobs as she recalls Malini’s comments. He thinks you did a good job. She claims I wounded Malini a lot by falling alone. No, he says, you’ve done a nice thing. Kimaya, she claims, is still present. He claims that Malini is with her and that she will protect her. She sobs. He tells her, “Stop being helpless; you are very strong.” She claims it is not her fault. He says sure, we always blame girls, guy is also bad, no one is telling Angad, Malini has no right to say this, you done a lot for Kimaya, look at me, you changed my thinking, you will change Malini’s thinking as well, she will not hate you, no one can hate you but only love you. She embraces him.

Reyansh brightens when he thinks of Aradhna in the morning. Kriti thinks to herself, “Vickram, your fate is with Kimaya.” She performs shayari and adds, “Congratulations, Dad spoke to your father.” Aradhna arrives to meet with Jai. He claims we did not go shopping. She claims everything is OK now and that she has something for you. He says you look after me and that you like me. She thinks you’re OK. She beams. Kriti says we’ll get married, you, Adhna, Jai, and myself, and I’ve prepared flowers and food for Jai. Aradhna and my love, adds Reyansh, is complex. But there is love, she insists, and she will go, staying calm until the formal announcement. She walks away. Aradhna, I love you, says Reyansh. Aradhna claims that Reyansh has changed a lot and that being with you would make everything better. Stop resisting him, says Jai. She requests cookies from him. He says, “Take me shopping.” She believes Kriti is the best, so follow her advice. He adds that only you can help, so come with me. They depart. Aradhna, I loathe you, Aradhna, thinks Kriti.

Aradhna is shown Jai’s ideal home. She exclaims, “Wow, Jai, that’s lovely.” He says, “Exactly like you.” She makes the recommendations. He laughs. She claims I’ve always wanted a room full with books like the one in Vivek’s house. When he sees her, he smiles. Tum mere ho rahe….plays… Jai inquires, “Shall I ask you a question?” She inquires as to what. He receives the ring. Kriti and Reyansh show up. Not fair, she argues. Jai, you abandoned us and came here. Reyansh inquires as to what you are doing here. Kriti inquires whether you brought Aradhna here since she is knowledgeable about housing. Reyansh inquires, “Are you going to buy this house?” Reyansh inquires, “Ask your would-be wife.” Kriti claims he is asking so that you two can buy the house together. Jai agrees that our children should play together. Reyansh cracks jokes. Kriti believes Aradhna, your last move will be mine, and they will both despise you.

Malini becomes enraged when she sees Aradhna. She directs Kimaya to accompany Viren to his seat. Aradhna expresses regret. Kimaya advises against punishing Aradhna. Reyansh approaches Aradhna and says, “Don’t hold Kimaya’s hand; I’ll hold it; does Malini have a problem now?” He claims that Aradhna and I saved Kimaya’s life, that we have an unbreakable relationship, and that you can’t stop us, Malini ji, since I know everything. Malini inquires. He says, “I know Kimaya is a very nice girl, she has a lot of sorrow,” and adds, “I know she has a loving mother and family, a friend like Aradhna, and her sorrows will end.” He requests that Kimaya refrain from crying. He embraces her.

Kimaya claims that I want to die. Aradhna believes you will not say this. Reyansh claims that you wish to die because a dumb individual cheated you. We don’t want to keep anything from you, according to Malini. Reyansh claims that nothing is hidden, and that she is pregnant. Malini and Kimaya are taken aback. Everyone is screaming Kimaya, don’t punish her, Malini ji, and Reyansh says so what, it’s not a big problem, no one defamed the guy who pregnant her. He tells Kimaya that she doesn’t need Angad, that mother’s love is rare, that lucky people get it, that I didn’t have my mother’s love, that I have to seek secretary’s permission to meet my mother, that Kimaya would love her kid, that it is just Kimaya’s baby, not Angad’s baby. Malini believes your theory is sound, but defamation… Reyansh says don’t bring up that animal, he left Kimaya, and it’s not Kimaya’s fault. Malini inquires as to who will hold her hand. I shall hold, he says. Aradhna turns to face him.

Reyansh and Aradhna dance at the celebration. Viren is taken aback after witnessing some video… Vivek tells Kadambari, “Congratulations, Reyansh’s marriage is set.”