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The Episode starts with Jai coming to pick Aradhna. Bhakti gives them gifts and asks Aradhna to take care. Reyansh calls Aradhna. She disconnects. She sees Reyansh coming. Reyansh recalls Aradhna and Jai’s marriage. He breaks a glass and hurts his hand. Aradhna is shocked seeing his hand bleeding. She cries. Reyansh smiles. She leaves with Jai. Reyansh thinks Aradhna, you will come to me. He calls her again. She doesn’t answer. He keeps calling her. He says meet me once. She says no, never, stop calling me. She keeps the phone in the cupboard.

Varun comes and says you must be very busy, Reyansh is calling me to talk to you. Aradhna breaks his phone and says sorry, I will get a new one for you. He says fine, everyone is waiting. She says I will come. Servant gets a phone for Aradhna. Reyansh says meet me once. Aradhna gives the phone away. The guests also get their phones to Aradhna. Aradhna says what are you doing Reyansh…. She gets her phone and calls Reyansh. He compliments her. She says you like to do this drama, I won’t see your face, see how I m going to do the first rasam after my marriage. He says meet me once, you know my stubbornness. She says even you know it, I m going for my Mu dikhai rasam. Nita says we shall start the rasam. The lady says Aradhna is graceful. Nita says gift her something then Mu dikhai will happen. The ladies laugh. Aradhna thinks Reyansh is doing this intentionally. Aradhna’s Mu dikhai happens. Reyansh looks on and smiles.

Jai gets a ring. Varun says you make her wear it. Reyansh starts driving towards the truck. Jai makes Aradhna wear the ring. Reyansh says I will show my dead face to her. He meets with an accident. Aradhna gets shocked. They hear the people talking about the accident.

Aradhna gets shocked seeing Reyansh injured. She drops the ring and the phone. She faints in Jai’s arms. Jai asks Varun to get water. The truck driver says he came in front of my truck to die. Aradhna gets conscious. Jai asks are you fine. Aradhna checks her phone.

She runs to see Reyansh. Reyansh is taken to the hospital. The man says its no use, he is dead. Jai asks Nita to take care of the guests. He says I will just come. Nita says explain your wife and ask her to come, we have some reputation. Jai says I have to take her to the doctor. He asks Varun to help Nita and handle the guests. Varun says sure. Jai and Aradhna come to the accident site. They ask about Reyansh. The man says he is taken to the hospital, he won’t survive. Aradhna cries. The man asks was Reyansh her husband. Varun says guests are leaving. Nita asks what else will they do, I don’t care. She calls Bhakti. Bhakti asks how was the Mu dikhai rasam. Nita lectures her.

She says Aradhna left the house. Bhakti asks what. The man says I had called you, your number was in last dialled. Aradhna says he isn’t a dead body. She rushes to the city hospital. Nita says Jai loves her a lot, she got all the power, Jai has already tolerated a lot, Reyansh kidnapped Jai and got him shot. Bhakti says Aradhna knows her duty, maybe she has some work. Jai and Aradhna ask about Reyansh. The man says he took him, he is dead on arrival. Aradhna cries and runs to see Reyansh. Nita says yes, we are mad, Aradhna is sensible, how can we question her, she is getting many calls, you know who is calling her. Bhakti says I m sorry, I know she should have not left her. Nita argues. Aradhna and Jai go to the morgue. Inspector asks her to verify the body. She says it can’t be Reyansh. He asks her to check. She says no, I won’t see him, he can’t be Reyansh. He says it’s the procedure, you have to see.

She checks. They get shocked seeing Reyansh. Aradhna cries and recalls their moments. She shouts no. She moves him. Intehaa…plays… Jai cries.

Aradhna says I m not able to handle myself. Jai takes her to the doctor. Aradhna sees someone. Doctor says I m afraid, you won’t get free from your ex so soon.