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The episode begins with Reyansh and Jai smiling as they see the news. Vikram says it’s awful news, yet you’re smiling. Reyansh inquires as to why you are smiling. Jai, do you believe my marriage will take place first or yours? I can’t wait, according to Jai. Reyansh claims that baraat must attend the same residence. Vikram inquires. Reyansh and Jai make light of the situation. Vikram asks how you two became great journalists. They smile when they see Aradhna.

Kimaya makes Malini nervous. Kimaya offers an explanation. Reyansh inquires as to how the accident occurred, whether it was intentional, and whether you saw anyone present. No, says Jai. Khannas, according to Reyansh, were the intended victims. Kimaya puked all night, according to Komal. Malini visits Kimaya. She inquires as to your well-being. Kimaya says I’m alright because I’m sleeping. Come out, says Komal, you’re sobbing. Kimaya claims I prefer to be alone. Malini requests that Komal obtain Kimaya’s purse and deliver it to her; it contains her medications. Kimaya sobs. Malini tells the story of what happened to Kimaya. Komal accepts the bag. Malini believes Kimaya is concealing something. Reyansh claims that the truck driver has been apprehended, and that we will not abandon the blackmailer. Jai, get some outfits for your Roka, you’ve gone insane in love, we have to look better than Khannas, says Akash. Kriti appears and says, “Don’t worry, I’ll take you both shopping and style you, and you’ll become the best grooms.” Jai claims that we can all agree on anything. Kimaya and Komal, however, refuse to attend. Reyansh leaves. Jai gives Kriti the ring and adds, “I bought this for Aradhna.” She says, “I don’t think it will fit her; give it to me; I will get this fixed; don’t worry, I’m there; give it to her in front of the family; first, let Vikram and Kimaya’s Roka happen.” Sure, he says. She suggests purchasing a small gift for them as well. Sure, he says. She walks away. Malini enters Kimaya’s room. She goes through her purse. She is taken aback when she sees the pregnancy kit. She phones Komal and inquires about Kimaya’s whereabouts. Komal claims to have gone out. In the office, Reyansh and Aradhna are arguing. Kimaya phones Aradhna and informs her that she has arrived for the abortion. No, Aradhna replies, don’t do this nonsense. Kimaya wonders what will happen if I die. She walks away. Jai asks, “What’s your favorite color, green or blue?” Reyansh asks, “Who knows you better?” She walks away. Kriti claims she is unconcerned. Reyansh checks Aradhna’s phone, which is buzzing. Aradhna approaches Kimaya and inquires whether she has done anything. Kimaya describes me as a murderer. She sobs and embraces Aradhna. The doctor asks them to make a decision. She walks away. Reyansh picks up the phone. Aradhna is described by the nurse. Kimaya wonders, “What can I do? I can’t face my parents or the world.” Reyansh receives the pregnancy announcements. He is taken aback.

Kimaya is encouraged by Aradhna’s story. She says she agrees with you. She embraces Kimaya. Kriti approaches Malini and inquires about Kimaya’s whereabouts. Malini claims I’m tense. Kriti claims Charmy told her she saw Kimaya and Aradhna at a nursing home; tell me why they went there. Malini is concerned. She arrives at the nursing home. She embraces Kimaya. Aradhna is chastised by her. Aradhna declines. Malini does not pay attention to her. Kimaya and Aradhna are in tears. Malini says, “You cheated me, and I will never forgive you for it.” My daughters are everything to me, and you don’t make decisions for them. Kimaya declines. Malini responds, “I’m with you; I’m not going to let you be defamed or suffer alone.” Aradhna, she adds, I’m taking my daughter home. Aradhna sobs. Reyansh appears and informs her that she is pregnant.

Aradhna requests that you leave her alone. He claims you’re pregnant; tell me who the father is; you’re very fast; tell me who he is. She wonders how you knew this. He claims, “I’m a journalist, I can find out, you’re hiding about the baby, I left the city and came here for you, whose baby is this?” Aradhna slaps him after yelling enough.

Reyansh maintains the truth will not alter. She hugs and sobs. He claims that no one can dislike you. Jai picks up the ring to propose to Aradhna.