Barsatein 12th October 2023 Episode 69

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Aradhna begins the episode by apologizing. Kimaya claims they fight like children. Reyansh explains, “I ordered this cake for Kimaya because I’m a customer, and the customer is always right,” and Kimaya enjoys rainbows. Malini claims they are children and that if Beena arrives, she would do tandav. Aradhna confirms that she will prepare the dessert again. Reyansh apologizes and promises to persuade her. Viren and Akash are having a drink. Jai claims Malini isn’t at home, therefore you’re taking advantage of the situation. Malini, according to Viren, does not understand. My wife, according to Akash, is very rigid. We’ll have roka, according to Viren. Jai suggests that I ask her. Jai, according to Akash, will plan it and propose to her. Jai responds, “Don’t embarrass me; I’ll ask her and tell her there’s someone else.” Viren inquires as to who. Aradhna bakes the cake once more. Reyansh advises against spoiling it. He makes fun of her. He receives a call from Jai. Jai inquires whether we should settle in this city. Yes, Reyansh, I like this city as well. Jai says I’ll take a large home in front of your house, and our children will play football. Reyansh inquires if you approached the girl. Jai says yes but says nothing else. Jai, Kriti says your father is calling. Jai signs in two minutes. He claims she does not meet with me in private. Kimaya and Aradhna, according to Reyansh, have arrived. He asks Aradhna if Jai should inquire about marriage.

Aradhna responds, “Yes, he is a nice guy, he is sweet, I like him, and no girl will refuse him.” Jai, Reyansh claims you’re popular with women. Jai smiles and hangs up the phone. Make it well, advises Reyansh. Malini smiles when she sees them. She says she knows how to bake a cake and that she will do it. Aradhna claims Reyansh ruined the cake. Malini requests that they remain silent. She is the one who bakes the cake. Reyansh believes I wanted to see you happy with your mother; you should get the family, and I believe I accomplished. He gets Kimaya some coffee. He begs her not to be afraid. He requests that she grin. Kimaya believes that every smile has a cost, and that if you make me smile, I may pay a high price. He says, “I’m not going to let you down, smile.” Life, according to Kimaya, has defeated me. He says, “Life is afraid of me; don’t talk about defeat; drink coffee.” Aradhna is aware of the reports. Malini, she believes, can see it. Aradhna, see what I do next, thinks Kriti. She goes to Viren and tells him that she needs to talk to Vikram’s family about Kimaya’s marriage and welcome them home because Kimaya is with Vikram. He cracks a joke. She dials Vivek’s number. She impersonates Malini and requests that Vivek speak with Viren. Viren discusses the children’s future with Vivek. Thanks to you, Vivek says my son feels at home there. According to Viren, my daughter is doing well now. Vivek adds, “You are such kind people; you accepted Aradhna; my son is lucky to be here now.” Viren confirms, “We feel Aradhna is like our daughter since she arrived here,” and Malini has a strong bond to her. Malini displays the cake. Reyansh inquires, “Shall I try?” No, says Malini, this cake is for Jai. Kimaya expresses concern for Jai, saying, “Give the cake to Jai, and I hope he gets a stomach ache.” He brings Kimaya along. Malini approaches Aradhna and inquires if there is anything going on between Vikram and you. No, replies Aradhna, he’s like my jiju, my best buddy, and he… no, he’s my boss. Malini apologizes for asking. Aradhna believes I am equally concerned about Kimaya. Malini says we’ll pack Jai’s cake. Viren inquires as to when you intend to conclude the negotiations. Vivek says, “I’m happy if the kids agree.” Kriti answers the phone and says, “I’m Kriti, and Aradhna is like my sister.” Vivek says, “I’m overjoyed; I’ll talk to Vikram and come.” Kriti believes that baraats will visit this home. Viren claims that he believes Vikram has told him everything, and that Vivek also knows about Aradhna. Oh, okay, she says. Aradhna, she believes, will be well-known to everyone.

Aradhna messages Kimaya in the morning. Vikram responds, “I heard you’re doing this story,” which Reyansh confirmed. She inquires as to why. He claims you both fight and help each other. She claims that I don’t do anything for you. He says you’ve been nominated for best reporting. He stands up for Reyansh. She says he’s horrible, but I don’t work for recognition. Jai walks in and says, “Reyansh and I are pleased with your work; we’re having a launch party this week.” He hands Aradhna the bouquet. She inquires if you gave my name. He claims, “I just made a suggestion; you completely deserve this.” She asks whether you’re okay because you look good. Yes, he says, did someone speak to you? She claims that everyone speaks to her. He inquires as to what others have said about us. She agrees. He inquires as to what you wish to express. I have a surprise for you, she says. Reyansh arrives. This cake is for you, according to Aradhna. According to Jai, you both made this. Aradhna responds, “No, I made it; this perfect cake is for a perfect person.” Reyansh says I can have it as well because sharing is caring. Jai slices the cake and distributes it to Reyansh and Aradhna. Aradhna feels Jai is very sensitive, and Reyansh is odd. When she sees Reyansh, she smiles. Jai brightens as he sees her.

Reyansh approaches her and asks her to smile. She mocks him. They begin to argue. He claims Jai told him you said yes. She claims I erred by saying yes, therefore yes. He says you are free to decline. My yes is a yes, she says, so go now. He says I’m sitting away from him. She claims that if Jai hadn’t said anything, she would not have forgiven her. He says he adores me. She claims that everyone makes mistakes. He leaves. Aradhna gives Jai a gift and a note. He laughs. Kriti believes I stored the gift for Jai under Aradhna’s name.

Precap: Jai shows Aradhna the ring. Reyansh receives a phone call from the hospital. Aradhna is chastised by Malini. Reyansh inquires about Aradhna’s baby. He gets slapped by her.