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The episode begins with Aradhna and Reyansh arguing. He says I’ll prepare the oven, you break the eggs, and I’ll assist. She asks if you’ve ever been in the kitchen and what you’ve made. He says something incredible. Komal inquires of Kriti as to what she is waiting for. Kriti advises you to mind your own business. Komal claims she has become serious and has made a U-turn. Malini claims she is maturing. Viren claims that we know who she is waiting for. The doorbell rings. They both laugh. Kriti goes to inspect the door. When Akash arrives and inquires as to what happened, I arrive in a package deal with Jai. Jai approaches her and greets her. Reyansh is subjected to a current shock. Aradhna becomes terrified and drops the eggs. Reyansh claims I was injured. She falls. He has her in his grip. O sajna…plays… Jai claims I had veggie soup for breakfast. Malini requests that Viren shadow Jai. Viren, according to Akash, will never grow old. They are having a discussion. Kriti believes he can use Aradhna’s name. Reyansh says, “First, make my hand fine.” Aradhna suggests that you fix it right away.

Kriti invites Jai to accompany her. Jai departs. Kimaya is depressed. Malini invites her to join her. She inquires if you are okay and if you took the medication. Kimaya responds, “Yes, I will be fine after I get fine.” Malini inquires, “Would you please tell me if there is anything?” Kimaya thinks I’m OK. Reyansh brushes Aradhna’s hair away from her face. She rubs the lotion into his hand. She thinks you’re a peculiar man, that a cartoon should be produced of you, and that I informed you about the oven connection. He describes you as a true superwoman who has always been by me in difficult times and showed me the light. She claims you shoved her into the dark. Jai inquires about Aradhna’s whereabouts. Kriti is correct; she assists Beena in her spare time, she is present, she enjoys cooking and baking, and you simply want to chat to her. Jai clarifies, “I mean, I’m going to marry her.” You like her because she apologizes. He clarifies, “I mean if she says yes.” She claims to be bashful and refuses to speak. Yes, he adds, I appreciate Aradhna a lot because of her simplicity and helpful character. She inquires, “Do you like anything about me?” He believes you are a brat. She chuckles. She claims that everyone believes the same thing. He adds, “I’m sure many guys like you.” Except for those I like, she says yes. He says I’ll call him and come over. He leaves. She claims, “I’ve realized one thing: what isn’t mine, I won’t let anyone get.” Reyansh draws Aradhna in close. He receives Jay’s call. Aradhna is given the opportunity to bake a cake. Kimaya inquires about Jai’s whereabouts. Kriti inquires as to what transpired; you appear concerned. Kimaya responds, “No, I’m fine.”

Kriti requests that she move on. She thinks your future is as delicious as the cup cakes Vikram sent you, so go to the office and chat to him. When Kimaya said no, I decided to go meet Aradhna. Kriti becomes enraged. She believes I don’t want you to approach Aradhna. She invites Malini to accompany Kimaya.

Please excuse me, Kriti. Malini agrees. Kriti claims that Beena had contacted Aradhna and Vikram about some work. Malini adds, “I understand; we’ll go.” They depart. Kriti says, “Go mom, you see how Aradhna is becoming a stumbling block in our path?” The cake is made by Reyansh and Aradhna. Meri rahein…plays…

Reyansh and Aradhna laugh as they play with flour. Don’t touch me, she says. He replies, “Fine.” They have a chance. He takes a tissue from the box and wipes her face. Tum hey ho…plays… She takes a step back. Let’s bake the cake, he says. Kimaya texts Aradhna, asking her not to say anything in front of Malini. Malini advises you can relax if you aren’t feeling well. Aradhna, says Kimaya… Malini calms her down. She claims that Vikram and Aradhna handled things in a timely manner, and that you were saved. Kimaya embraces her.

Reyansh and Aradhna bake a lovely cake. He says it’s ready, and we made it for ourselves. She claims that it is for the order. He claims it’s for us, and you can see love written on it. Malini and Kimaya arrive at the cafe. Aradhna claims Beena told her that this cake is for the order. Reyansh and Aradhna disagree. He consumes the cake. Aradhna becomes enraged and accuses you of ruining the cake. He replies I can consume the poison for you if you can stop me. She stabs the cake and orders him to devour it right away. He declines. He puts a halt to her. Malini and Kimaya arrive and observe.

Reyansh thinks we’re both madly in love. Jai affirms. Jai overhears Aradhna complimenting him. Vivek discusses Aradhna with Viren.