Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 449 | 18th May 2023

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 449 | 18th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prachi scolding Josh and saying I can’t prove my love all the time, we are done. Josh says I m not done yet. She says you are hurting me. Raghav punches Josh’s face. He says she said she is done, like a man, go home. Josh leaves. Raghav goes to Sara. Avni cares for Josh and asks how did you get hurt when you had gone to convince Prachi, speak up. Josh sits angry. Sara asks who did the breakup, Raghav says Prachi did, don’t tell her that I told this to her, if Josh says sorry then they may patch up, I didn’t tell this to Pihu, she hates him, its about Prachi, your lives got complicated since I came back. She says no, everything is getting fine, she is getting clarity, she took a stand to end the toxic relation, she is knowing her self worth, you know how she is, she is scared that the one she loves will leave her, so she tolerated Josh’s bad behavior. He says you think he loves her. She says love doesn’t have one definition, he is just an attention seeker.

Avni gets angry and says how can Prachi do this. Josh says she was chilling with Raghav, she is with the wrong guy, I will expose them in front of everyone. Sid comes and gets angry on Josh. She says you can handle this situation well. Vikrant says this situation got complicated, Sid is an opportunist, he did partnership with us, he married Avni when Ram and Priya were dying, he is a ruthless person, Prachi has decided to breakup with Josh, we can’t let her go back to him. Raghav says I will go home and update you. Prachi recalls Josh’s words. She looks at the sky, and talks to Ram and Priya. She says I wanted Josh and my love story to become an ideal one.

Raghav says I can’t answer you, but I can share my experience of failing in love if you want. She says I should have not got engaged to Josh. He says you justify him always, he has crossed his limits, you are just a property for him, I never crossed my limit, sorry, you don’t love Josh, its not love. He explains her. She says our families are also connected, I love Josh. He says you realized you don’t love Josh. She says no, I can’t doubt him, I love Josh. He says go back to him, let him insult you, he will insult your family too, you love him so you will tolerate. She says I love him a lot, I don’t know to live without him. He says fine, go to him. She says yes, I will go to him, I love Raghav. She looks at him and goes. He smiles. She says I goofed up, I can’t face Raghav today. Angad comes and asks shall I talk to Pihu. She says she is sleeping. They get imp calls. He says govt officials are saying they are stopping the project, we will send Raghav. Raghav goes to Pihu. She says Angad and you don’t have time for me. He says we will sit and talk, what is bothering you. The man says Prachi is coming here, if she convinces the govt. officials then we will be trapped. Sid says keep an eye on her, I have a way to stop her, why don’t we do an accident like it happened with Ram and Priya. Pihu misses Ram and Priya. She says I wish I could do something to save them. Raghav says I have to ask something, do you know this man, he was going to deposit the cheque. She says he is our new site manager. He says we got Ram and Priya’s pic at his home.

Pihu asks Josh to get out. Angad says I have accepted that you love Raghav. Prachi is injured. Raghav says I feel Sid is responsible for Ram and Priya’s death.