Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 440 | 5th May 2023

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 440 | 5th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sid and Kiara talking to Kapil. Kiara spills water on Kapil’s shirt and says sorry. She takes him to help. Sid takes Kapil’s phone and says I have to do something, Josh is losing value in Prachi’s life. Avni says right. Sid says I know when we lose a big deal, Prachi is going out of our control, she has gone ahead and Josh is left behind, we have to make Raghav out of her life, we have to frame Kapil, Raghav will take the blame and leave, then Prachi will become our puppet. Prachi comes to office. She calls Josh and asks him to come to office for her sake. She says sorry, give me a chance to rectify my mistake. He says fine, I want just you and me to be there in the interview, Raghav shouldn’t be there. She enters the lift and says I can’t hear anything. He disconnects. She meets the journalist Dipika. She says give me one min. She gets Josh’s message and thinks what did he ask me. Angad greets Dipika. He says I work here, were you following me. She says I m here to interview Prachi. He says Dipika is good, Prachi is in safe hands. Pihu gets angry and thinks Angad ditched me because of this girl. She goes to Angad and stamps his foot. Raghav asks what happened to Pihu. Prachi says I don’t know. She thinks I will say ok and figure it out later. She asks why did Pihu leave in anger, what’s going on.

Raghav says Angad went on a date with this girl yesterday. She says oh, I told you, Pihu is jealous, I know her more. He asks all okay with Josh. She says he is okay, he is coming. He goes. Kapil meets Josh and says Prachi has an interview today. Josh says I came to attend it. Kapil asks what was Raghav doing at the mall. Josh says Prachi wanted Raghav to come, Raghav came and you have seen what happened. Kapil says Prachi always does this. Josh says their friendship is strong and I have accepted this, you also accept it, trust me. Kapil says sorry, my heart isn’t big like yours, I don’t like their friendship. Prachi asks Dipika to meet Pihu. She sees Pihu’s bad mood and says she is busy. She answers about Josh. Dipika says he is Raghav, right. Prachi says yes, he is making the tallest building in Mumbai. Dipika says you were with Prachi in the boutique, I have to ask a few questions, the video clip has gone viral, what was your motivation. Josh comes and looks on shocked. Prachi says work is our priority, we want to convey a message to everyone, a girl can manage everything beautifully. Raghav says Prachi is the perfect example for this, two professionals can be good colleague, Josh has no problem with our work. Dipika says you are smart, you make a good pair. Josh leaves.

Dipika says I mean a working pair, Josh didn’t come till now. Prachi says I will call him. She calls Josh. Adi gets snacks. Brinda says its unhealthy food. Lakhan says this is stress, I have a long list of stress. She says don’t worry, Prachi will be fine. He says Pihu dislikes me. She says its nothing new. They have a talk. Kapil comes. Lakhan says Monica knew Kapil is in jail but she didn’t tell us, if Pihu didn’t tell us, then we would have not known this, Kapil has suffered because of us, so I m angry on Monica. Brinda says Kapil will get fine with time, he thinks we are behind this, is he dating Kiara because he is angry on us. Adi says its his personal problem. Kapil greets them. Lakhan asks him to come. Mahir messages Sid.

Sid writes make sure you get the blank cheque. Lakhan asks about the blank cheque. Kapil says I don’t know about it. Adi says wait, let me click a pic. Kapil leaves. Lakhan says he is sharp and talented, Adi we have to do something for them. Kapil thinks they aren’t so bad. Mahir collides with him and gets the blank cheque. He messages Sid that work is done. Pihu taunts Angad. He says Dipika isn’t my GF, I was just talking to her. She gets angry and scolds him. Prachi thinks where is Josh. Angad asks why do you care, I can date anyone. Pihu says we don’t care, you have changed, we can’t depend on you. Raghav asks Prachi to call Josh, Dipika won’t wait for long, call Kiara or Mahir. Prachi goes. Raghav says shame on you, Pihu. Pihu says shame on Angad. He says your sister is in tension, you don’t care, you have to fight with Angad than helping Prachi. She says sorry and goes. Raghav says we should focus on Prachi. Angad says okay, Josh won’t come, he just cares for his progress, he would be insecure.

Raghav says Josh isn’t the right guy for you, Prachi. Josh warns him. He gives flowers to Prachi.