Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 436 |1st May 2023

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Episode begins with Josh arguing with Prachi that she didn’t come home timely yesterday. Prachi says you are doubting on me? Josh says I am just asking out of concern, as you lied to me. Raghav and Kapil come to them. Josh says everything will be clear when we see your access card history. Josh asks Kapil to check it. Prachi says sure go ahead. Kapil checks the card and shows the result to Josh. Josh says I was right, see you were in office when I called you. Prachi says the card was left here by me. Josh says okay. Prachi says you check the CCTV too, it’s best, you can see it nicely then. Josh goes angrily. Prachi also leaves. Raghav feels bad for Prachi, but then also feels proud of Prachi for having the courage to say things like this. Raghav thinks whenever Pihu and Prachi are together, Prachi is always seen to have this kind of courage. Here, Prachi cries and Raghav comes to her. Prachi says you will go without talking right? Raghav says it’s not like that, what you did there was amazing, your courage is your strength. Prachi says will you not say anything about what happened? Raghav says I feel love is something that is felt and without any conditions, if conditions are kept then it’s not right, then love is not done from heart but from mind, and that is wrong. Prachi says you are right.

Sid and Avni scold Josh for his reaction to Prachi. Sid says you only proposed this idea of marrying Prachi then what’s all this? Josh says I can’t handle Prachi with Raghav around, she behaves very strongly when Raghav is with her. Avni says you know that if Lakhan gets to know this then he will create a big issue and your marriage is just happening because Prachi wants to and if she also denies and backs out then think what will happen. Josh is silent. Avni says now let me handle and you just do as I say. Prachi comes to Pihu at home. Pihu says I am feeling unwell. Prachi says you had so much alcohol. Pihu says I don’t think it’s because of alcohol, I feel it’s because of food, I am not feeling well in my stomach. Pihu says please help me, please do the presentation on my behalf. Prachi agrees. She is about to leave when Avni comes. Avni says I wish Pihu you were feeling okay then you would have slapped Josh for what he did with Prachi today. Prachi says nothing like that. Avni says I want to tell everyone. Pihu asks Prachi about it. Prachi says not a big deal, we have sorted it out. Prachi gets a voice note from Josh saying he is sorry and asks to mend things when they go shopping at 4pm. Prachi worries thinking how will she will manage shopping and presentation.

In office, Raghav is working and Kapil talks to Kiara. Kapil says I am seeing Prachi around Raghav only whole day, is she like this always? Kiara says I don’t know much but today she has to go for wedding shopping with Josh at 4pm. Kapil says they have an important meeting at 4pm, but I hope what you are saying is right. Kapil calls Kiara to office. Kiara agrees. Prachi is practicing her presentation when Raghav comes there and sees her worried. Prachi says it’s not happening by me. Raghav says this is Pihu’s style of presentation so why are you trying to give the same presentation? Instead try to give your own, remember we were given a debate topic in college and we did so well, so think of this as a topic. Prachi says I feel I won’t be able to do. Raghav says okay. Prachi says you should motivate me and not leave me. Raghav says I am not leaving you. Prachi says when you are with me I feel courageous. Kapil and Kiara come there and Kiara thanks Raghav for the job. Kapil says Kiara came to say hi to Raghav but it looks like they are busy.

Episode ends.

Precap – Raghav drops Prachi at the store for wedding shopping. Josh gets more angry hearing Raghav dropped Prachi.