Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 435 | 28th April 2023

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 435 | 28th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode begins with Prachi beating someone with stick thinking him to be thief. It turns out to be Mahir. Raghav stops her from hitting him. Prachi says what are you doing here? Mahir says I got to know the party is going on here so I came. Prachi says okay but don’t drink. Raghav says yes or else I will have to carry you. Mahir sees Raghav and Prachi’s bond reviving so he thinks to inform Josh. They all go for party. Pihu says what is this everyone, only one bottle is over till now what has happened to you all? Lakhan comes and says no one is scared here. Everyone is shocked to see Lakhan, Vikrant and Adi there. Lakhan says let’s have some games. Beer pong is set up. Adi tells everyone the rule. Pihu and Lakhan play it against each other. Prachi is happy seeing them enjoy together. Lakhan says I excel in this game. Pihu says we will see. Prachi shares her happiness with Raghav. Prachi says I wonder who called them here. Raghav says I did, I knew how much you want them to bond. Prachi says as always you helped me without even worrying me, thank you so much. Raghav says I can’t see you worried. They have an eye contact. They all dance and then Prachi falls and Raghav catches her. They have an eye contact.

Later, on thier way back, police stops Raghav’s car and says give breath test as it feels you have had drinks. Raghav says I am sober. The test comes negative. Police says then how come alcohol smell is coming. Adi hides his face. Adi is about to get out and talk to police but Raghav says wait I will handle it. Raghav says I am saying truth police inspector. Pihu laughs on Adi’s joke, Angad says you can laugh on that joke but not on mine right? Pihu says Adi’s jokes are on next level. Raghav says I have not had any drinks but rest in the car have. Police checks Pihu’s level and comments how being a girl she has so much capacity. Pihu says how can you say that? What kind of thing are you saying that’s a stereotype. Prachi and Lakhan see this from behind as their car is behind Raghav’s. Lakhan goes to argue with the Police. Lakhan says how dare you talk to my daughter like that? You don’t know whom you are talking to. Angad says let me call the comissioner. Police says I didn’t mean to say anything mean, please don’t take me wrong. Prachi asks the police not to create a scene. Raghav also handles the situation so Adi and Vikrant praise their partnership.

They all come back home. Raghav and Prachi prepare hangover drink for Pihu. Prachi says I already prepared it, as I knew the party might lead to lot of drinking. Raghav says Pihu doesn’t drink much nowadays so it’s not very frequent. Prachi says so you know my sister better than me? Raghav says yes I do. Prachi says that is a wrong allegation on me. Raghav says you know what’s her morning drink? Prachi says just because you were with her for past few years doesn’t mean you know her better than me. Raghav says I can also bet on how she will choose her friendship above everything. Prachi says oh really, I don’t think so. Prachi gets a call from Josh asking her if she returned? Prachi says yes she did and she with Raghav is making hangover drink for Pihu. Next day, Raghav sees Kapil in his office and he agrees to accept the job offer. Raghav becomes happy. Kapil thinks I have to accept this for Kiara. Prachi comes to meeting room and meets Josh. Josh says did you really return to office so soon? Prachi says yes you can ask Raghav we were together. Josh says why will I ask Raghav and you were with him what does that mean? Prachi is shocked that Josh is asking her that.

Episode ends.

Precap – Josh makes Prachi’s access card of office get checked. Prachi is shocked that he is doubting her.