Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 433 | 26th April 2023

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 433 | 26th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sara saying Lakhan and Pihu’s differences will sort out. Prachi says fingers crossed. They talk about Kapil and Raghav. Prachi says thanks for always supporting me. Sara says I m always there for you. Raghav thinks where is Prachi, Kapil spoke to her rudely, I will message him. He messages Kapil. He thinks I hope Prachi is okay, she would be upset, I have to stop thinking about her, I should think of Kapil, I will focus on work. Raghav and Angad have a talk. Raghav says you are accessing dating sites, so we got a virus on our systems. Angad asks why would I login, trust me, maybe my mum has done this, sorry. Prachi says they are coming. Brinda says I have put Angad’s pics on the dating app. Raghav and Angad come home. Prachi acts to give a speech in front of them. Sara says Raghav will help you in writing a good speech. Prachi says I will manage, you listen to me, Brinda, you help me. She agrees. Angad says you spread the virus. Sara asks what happened. Angad says she had tried to make my account on a dating app. Brinda says no. Angad says I m logged out from my account now. She says I had just uploaded the pics, call the computer guy and clear the virus. He says don’t set me with anyone, Raghav is also single, set him first and then I will see. Prachi asks didn’t you date anyone. She asks Raghav to say, does Angad like anyone. Raghav says don’t waste time, I will help you in speech. She says oh wow, I have already written it. He says when we do something… She says its perfect. Angad says stop interfering in my life. Prachi asks Raghav to come with her. Pihu talks to Kapil.

She says Raghav and we are happy that you have come back. He says you supported him when no one did. They talk about Kiara. He says Raghav listens to Prachi always. She says she can never think wrong of anyone. He says I don’t like her around Raghav, sorry, I won’t come in the event. Lakhan comes and says I have to talk to Kapil. Pihu says he is with me, I have to talk to him first. Prachi tells her plan to Raghav. He says I knew Lakhan will accept you. She says you always had faith, everything will sort out for Kapil and you. Kapil messages Raghav. She says Lakhan and Pihu will talk to Kapil, and it will work. Lakhan and Pihu argue. Kapil gets stuck. He messages Raghav. Raghav asks Prachi does she want to plan anything now. Prachi tells everyone that Kapil isn’t coming. At the event, Prachi thinks to go and talk to Kapil. Josh comes to her. Angad says Prachi is trying a lot to make Lakhan and Pihu bond well. Raghav says Prachi and I have prepared a speech and we will present it. Prachi thinks we aren’t prepared, what is he doing. Avni asks Josh to make Raghav away from Prachi. Josh says he can’t do anything, see how the night changes everything for the Kapoors.

Raghav and Prachi try to give a speech, and stammer. They don’t give a flop speech. Pihu says I can’t see this, I m going. Angad asks her to go and help Prachi. Pihu and Lakhan go to give a perfect speech. Lakhan praises her and asks her to continue. They give the speech and smile.

Pihu asks Raghav to close eyes and think of the thing he wants in his life.