Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 430 | 21st April 2023

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 430 | 21st April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lakhan saying we shouldn’t give a chance to Sid to break us. Pihu says we can’t forget that we are not healed us, you broke us. He asks what, you think I did this. Prachi says I told her we have no idea, someone used our name and destroyed them. She asks Monica does she know anything. She says I was shocked that Adi, his mom and Kapil were arrested. Adi says no, just Raghav was arrested. Pihu says no, they were arrested. Monica says Mama and Mami did this, they had asked me. Pihu says this is unbelievable. Lakhan asks how can you let this happen. Prachi asks Monica to say. Monica says they came to me and told me that Raghav is planning a stunt to stop Prachi’s marriage, I came under pressure, I just wanted the marriage to happen, I asked them to do anything, I had no idea that they will take extreme steps. Prachi cries.

Lakhan says I don’t know how to react. Monica says I m sorry. Prachi says I have hurt Raghav, its my fault. He says no, its our mistake. She goes. Sara says she is sensible like Priya, give her some time. Kapil asks Raghav what are you thinking. Raghav asks Kapil not to keep with Kiara, they aren’t good people. Kapil asks him to stop it. He asks for his share. Raghav says you are my brother, you have a right, but think of those people who want to make relation based on money. Prachi hears them. Kapil asks for his share and leaves.

She apologizes to Raghav. He says I don’t want any help. She says you have become a work machine, wrong happened with you, even dad didn’t know. He says you came to defend your family. She says no, I came to say sorry. He says you came here for your selfish reasons, I don’t need anyone’s help. He goes. She says I m very happy today, you vented your anger on me. Raghav sees Prachi and offers help. She says I don’t want any help. They argue. Constable hears this and scolds Raghav. Prachi says its nothing like that. He says I will see him. Raghav says I was ordering her lift, I know her. Constable asks are you’re her BF or husband, or boss. Raghav says no. Prachi says I m his boss. He says you aren’t not my boss. They argue.

Constable says you know each other, drop her home, drive slow. Raghav says okay. Prachi thanks him. She jokes on Raghav and smiles. Avni comes to Sid. Sid signs a cheque. Avni says I have made Kapil believe that I m on his side, he likes Kiara a lot. Sid asks can you see Kiara and Kapil together. She says Raghav has a higher status than us.

He asks is there any problem. She says no, Prachi and Josh’s relation is imp, but we should have options. Sid nods. He messages someone about the last cheque and asks the person to meet him. Prachi plays the radio. Raghav hears a dedicated song. Mana ke hum….plays… Prachi jokes. She says lets move on, even I thought you have come to take revenge.

Lakhan and Pihu argue. Raghav says I don’t need your help, Prachi.