Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 277 | 20th September 2022 - Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 277 | 20th September 2022

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 277 | 20th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Ram thinking, “I don’t want Pihu to know it this way.” Tarun arrives and observes them. He apologizes. He takes the drink and walks away. Priya requests a drink. No, Ram, it’s for me. I want it, she says. She collapses into his arms. She says she feels safe in your embrace. He also mentions me. Pihu approaches and shouts him out. He throws Priya on the ground. She claims you caused her to fall. Pihu motions for her to rise. Priya says, “I want that juice.” Pihu invites her to a game of peanuts. Priya throws the peanuts at Ram. Ram requests that Pihu stop Priya because everyone is sleeping. He is injured. Priya apologizes for your injury.

She claims your eyes are so beautiful that you copied Pihu’s. Ram declines. Pihu already knows you’re a clone, according to her. He claims I require that drink. Priya intervenes. The drink is knocked over. Priya apologizes and promises to clean it. Pihu smiles and takes their picture. Aye zindagi…plays… Priya and Ram are both smiling.


Pihu believes the bitter medicine worked its wonders; thank you Ganpati for forcing me to meet my family. They pose for a selfie. Ram requests that Priya sleep. She thinks you’re dull. He says only sleep, or there will be no adventure tomorrow. She says, “Fine, I’ll sleep.” He leaves. Vedika texts Nandini to inquire about the plan. Nandini responds, “Wait a minute.” Ram believes I can’t go to her now since things have changed; I’m not sure if you’ll like it or not, if I’m with you. He considers calling Adi and Brinda. He thinks I’ve argued with them because I’m so lonely. Vedika walks inside Priya’s room. She walks away with Pihu. Ram considers checking just once for Pihu’s sake. Vedika believes she is so overweight that she eats all the time. A vase cracks. Ram searches for Priya and Pihu. Priya scolds Vedika and strikes her on the head. Vedika flees and goes into hiding. Ram notices the shattered vase. He wonders if Priya drank again. Ram wonders where they went. He obtains Pihu’s hair clip as well as Priya’s phone. He notices the tyre prints on the road. Priya arrives to bash him up. Don’t beat him, urges Pihu. Ram was going to assault, according to Priya. Ram responds, “No, you’re assaulting me, where were you?” Priya requests that Pihu refrain from beating Ram. Ram replies I was worried about you both. Pihu describes himself as a good boy. He believes she, like me, is mature. Priya says he seems like a kidnapper; please do not detain Pihu. He claims I’m doing nothing. She claims I hit someone with this stick. He inquires as to who. Pihu claims your apple juice caused this, and mumma escorted me out. Ram and Priya are at odds.


They make the decision to embark on an adventure. Vedika passes out there. Priya obtains Ram. She thinks you’re cute when you’re terrified. Pihu claims that we once had no home; I was terrified, but Priya turned it into a happy journey. Priya confirms that that was our first adventure. Ram recognizes the surprise. He thinks of Priya. She inquires as to why you are crying. She hands him a tissue. They chat about their past and their bond. Priya passes out. Shubham claims I knocked Vedika out in the garden. Shubham believes we should have someone to trap us if we get into trouble. Pihu says it’s your fault; where did you acquire this apple juice? He claims you handed it to her by mistake. She claims it was not apple juice; you lied to me, I believe. Ram is chastised by her. He inquires whether you are frightening me. She claims you are already terrified. They are at odds. He says, “You went on your mother, and I’m not talking to you.” She inquires as to why. He inquires if you would continue to speak to me in this manner.



Pihu overhears Ram and Priya fighting. She thinks Ram is my father. Ram asks, “Give me one reason why I shouldn’t file Pihu’s sole custody?”