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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 132

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 132 | 1st March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Akki asking Vedika about the other bangle. He inquires, “Are you blaming me for theft?” Ram may want to give such a bangle. He tells him to stay away from Ram and to find the bangle. She responds, “I’m not sure.” He really asks, so I’ll go out and ask Ram about it. They leave. Ram responds, “Yes, there were two bangles, but this is one; I kept one bangle for Shubham’s wife, if that’s okay with you.” Sure, says Priya. Akki wonders why Vedika is…

Priya is forced to wear the bangle by Ram. Brinda says, “Let’s party and enjoy ourselves right now.” Nandini expresses gratitude to Ram. Ram wonders if I did everything correctly. Ram’s arrival in Nandini is depicted on Facebook. He discovers her sobbing. He inquires as to what is the matter. She claims I misplaced one of my bangles while shopping with Shivi at the mall. Ram claims it was my mother’s final sign. She says, “Please forgive me; I have proven that I am your stepmother.” Don’t say that, he says. He comforts her. Facebook is shutting down.


Adi inquires of Ram about the other bangle. Ram sends the visitors on their way. Adi and Brinda wonder when Ram will tell Priya about Vedika. Shivi prepares her belongings. Let’s not go back home, she says. Akki recalls Vedika’s words. He believes I can’t tell anyone; I’m not sure, but it’s best if I don’t say anything. Shivi asks if we can stay for a few days. He says, “You want to stay here?” Okay, we’ll stay. He embraces her. He wonders if Vedika is interfering with Ram and Priya’s relationship. Ram claims that I tried it, but Sara claims that she will be even more hurt. Brinda orders Vedika to leave. Adi requests that you assist her in resuming her life. Vikrant claims to adore Shashi. Brinda says, “Give her a job, she’ll stay busy and move on,” adding, “I’ll find the house soon, and we’ll help her settle.” Ram says I’ll speak with Vedika. Nandini claims that we duped Akki and that he will now stay here; everyone will tell their side of the story to Priya, but she will discover it to be a lie. Then, Vedika says, we’ll separate Ram and Priya. Nandini confirms that it is our turn to move. Priya is in the kitchen, and Ram notices her. He walks over to her. She said it was going to rain today, and I had something planned for us. He asks you what you mean, for you and me. She confirms, “I thought it would rain and then we’d have pakodas.” He asks if you’re okay, if you’ll have pakodas, if you used to get irritated, and how you got so romantic. She claims that your rain check was used. He inquires whether you will be drenched. Yes, she says, it’s better to keep the promise now that it’s not raining. He inquires, “Are you sure?” She agrees. He inquires as to why. She says you’d be happy, so I’d have asked you why you lied about being in office. He inquires if you are aware of it. She confirms, “I came to the office, and then you called.”


He says, “I know I lied to you, I wasn’t in the office, I shouldn’t have lied, I made a mistake, Priya, tell me if there’s anything else.” She says I don’t want to know the truth, that you aren’t Mahender, that you will have a reason, and that you don’t tell me now. He apologizes. She says there is no rule that says you have to tell me everything, I trust you, it’s not a taunt, I promise, you’d be glad your rain coupon was saved. He selects the kachoris. He claims I didn’t understand. She inquires as to why you are saying this. He says, “I had no idea about the kachoris, what you feel.” She says, “I know, you’re a hero; you’re not going to do villains’ work; I got this for myself to eat.” He claims that your past memories…. She claims I’ll remember the valentines fondly. He serves the kachori to her. They recollect their experiences. He wonders if you’ll be able to get out of the rain. She claims that your coupon should not be thrown away. She walks away. He claims that he will persuade you that he is your hero. He cracks a smile.



Ram and Priya are having fun in the rain. Ye milne ki khwaish… is a play. Nandini says, “I want our plan to work, so when you leave, you’ll collide with Priya and this bangle will fall down.” Vedika requests that Priya to pass the bangle.