Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 Episode 2 | 26th May 2023

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 Episode 2 | 26th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Today’s Bade Ache Lagte Hain 3 (BALH 3) 26th May 2023 episode starts with Priya and Ram talking with each for the first time as strangers while New Year starts.

Ram warmly wishes Priya a Happy New Year to which Priya replies with a gentle and happy from her side.

Priya realizes that it is not Yuvraj on the other end of the call and asks Ram where Yuvraj is currently.

Ram replies that Yuvraj is a bit busy with the party and asks Priya who she is as he suspects Yuvraj of not being single and having a girlfriend.

Priya finds it weird to tell a stranger about her identity and just introduces herself as Yuvraj’s family friend.

Ram tells Priya that he would relay the message to Yuvraj as soon as he gets free and hangs up the call after which all the employees come to Ram to wish him a happy new year.

With a cheerful smile and hugs, Ram accepts their warm regards and meets Keerti for one last time before he leaves the office to meet his mother.

Priya’s father asks her when Yuvraj is coming home so they can start eating their dinner to which Priya says that he would be home soon.

Ritika reaches the same office party and meets her friend after which she notices Yuvraj dancing with Alekha.

With a shocked face, Ritika calls Priya and tells her what she is seeing in front of her about Yuvraj dancing with some women clingily.

As Ritika comes and says hello to Yuvraj, Yuvraj’s face gets pale and he quickly excuses himself, coming into the cabin with Ritika.

Ritika asks Yuvraj what he is doing there after not attending his appointment with Priya that was planned.

Yuvraj calls Priya and tells her that he got stopped at the party by his bosses and he cannot refuse them straightforwardly.

As Yuvraj asks Priya if she trusts him or not, Priya replies that she trusts Yuvraj with all her soul and scolds Ritika for calling her like that.

Ram reaches home and asks his mother about others after seeing her sitting alone in the living room.

Ram’s mother’s face lights up on seeing her son while Ram calls her “Jaan” and hugs her tightly to wish her a happy new year.

Ram’s mother says that they are still lonely despite having so many relatives and friends which is the truth of their life.

As Ram gets to know that his mother has a toothache, he arranges for a dentist immediately and Priya agrees to open her clinic again after seeing the SOS message online for urgent treatment.

Later, Ram comes to Priya’s clinic and searches for the light which Priya turns on and faces Ram for the first time with her warm features.

Priya starts looking at Ram’s mother’s tooth and asks Ram to stand at a distance as he is getting more panicked than the patient herself.

On seeing an injection, Ram’s mother gets scared but Priya kindly assures her that no pain will be inflicted upon her during the treatment.

Ram says that he is feeling hungry, to which Priya says that he can eat the cake she made earlier as the person it was dedicated to did not show up.

Ram’s mother gets attached to Priya and her gentleness and asks her if she is married, making Ram choke on the cake while eating.

After the treatment gets finished, Ram’s mother thanks Priya for her emergency assistance and blesses her to get whatever she wishes.

Ram offers double payment to Priya but Priya charges her valid fees and notices that Ram has gobbled up the entire cake she baked.

As Priya asks Ram if he will not gain weight after eating so much, Ram starts giving advice to Priya on exercise and diet plan which makes Priya offended and she asks Ram if he sees her as sad and fat at the same time.

After Ram leaves the clinic, Ram’s mother says that she wants someone like Priya to be his wife who would keep him tied to his grounds.