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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 99

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Episode 99 | 13 January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Sara asking Priya to set her ego and anger aside and tell Ram her true feelings. Priya wonders why women are told this and why Ram is unable to communicate with me in a loving manner. Sara requests that she drink some water first. She claims that you have done everything for Ram. Neeraj appears and informs you that Adi is looking for you. Sara instructs Priya to consider it. She leaves. Adi inquires as to why Ram thanked Vedika. Ram claims she was the one who did it. No, Adi says, Priya did it. Ram claims that she was not at home. Vikrant claims that you trust Brinda because she told us that Priya was the one who organized the party and invited us. Ram says, “Don’t lie to me,” but he doesn’t mean it. Vikrant requests that he go speak with her. He tells her to put her ego aside and go talk to her. Ram inquires as to her whereabouts. Adi mentions the kitchen. Vedika believes I knew they’d persuade Ram to reconcile with Priya, but… I came here to call Maitri, Neeraj says, and Ram gave the credit to Vedika, so you’d be upset. You came to sympathize, according to Priya.

No, he says, we had a history together. I don’t want to talk, she says. He claims that we can remain friends. Ram appears and listens to them. Neeraj notices Ram and takes action. Priya thanks you for your concern and invites you to visit your wife Maitri. He leaves. She leaves the house. Shashi claims that Anjali should be unaware of your existence. Raj tells him not to be concerned. Priya inquires about Ram with Kunal. Kunal claims he’s turned into an obstinate child, and I’m going to get him. Priya, Vedika says, I wanted to show you something important, so come and help me. Ram is given to Kunal. He claims that I requested Priya’s patience. Ram claims she doesn’t have time to talk to me and that she is rude, which I agree with. Vedika says, “I didn’t like the way Ram ignored you, and I wanted to apologize for it.” Priya says she’ll take care of it, but I’m not used to taking credit in this manner. Vedika says, “I made this video for Ram; show it on the projector when the cake is cut.” The video is seen by Priya.


She tells you to play it because you made it. Vedika believes I’ll show the real video at that point. Priya notices Ram and decides to approach him. He approaches Vedika and speaks with her. He takes her with him. Priya believes that this is enough and that it will always happen to me. Priya receives a call from Anjali. I’m going to the outhouse, Anjali says. Priya says, “I’m here,” and “I’ll take care of you.” She requests that Sandy look after Anjali. Mama ji overhears this and informs Priya that Anjali is on her way to meet her, and Sid and Shubham are in danger. Anjali is the focus of Raj’s attention. Mama ji enlists Vedika’s assistance. You are sensible, he says, and you can handle this. Ram, according to Shubham, will become enraged. Shashi, Vedika believes, can come here and ruin my game. She prevents Mama ji from dialing Shashi’s number. She says, “Don’t make a scene, let me think,” and then adds, “We have to get rid of this girl, reach her before Priya does.”


Shubham inquires as to how. She says, “I’ll take care of Priya,” and that you should contact her. Neeraj arrives. He claims that he saw the video in which Ram proposed to you and that you will play it because Priya despises such things. She claims that if she spikes Priya’s drink, her true feelings will surface. Priya and Ram notice each other. We’ll dance, Vikrant says, and Ram and Priya should dance as well. Yes, Adi says. Priya is visited by Neeraj. Vedika is his signature. Priya is offered a drink by Neeraj. Priya instructs him to visit Maitri. Yes, he says, you’re both so different. She expresses gratitude for the information. I’m not going to make Priya dance, Ram says. Vedika says she enjoys dancing, so Ram, we’ll dance. The dance is announced by a man. Shubham claims that we must keep everyone occupied. Sara is invited by Shubham. Ram performs a dance with Vedika. Pyaar ki ek kahani suno… performs… Priya requests lemonade. Neeraj adds a shot of bourbon to her drink. He compensates the waiter. Priya is the one who takes the drink. She walks onto the stage and takes Ram’s hand in hers.


Sara clarified that priya wanted to commemorate your birthday with your old memory. Ram notices the cake. Ram walks over to apologize to Priya. She inquires if you are in love. They perform a dance routine on stage. Ishq hua hua hai… play